Inside and Outside

Inside it is cosy and snug. The fire beckons.

Inside, there is a new table runner on our kitchen table - a lovely gift from Oma who recently took up patchwork and has been stitching away madly since!
Quote: A cup of tea a laugh or two, special times shared with you
Isn't she a star? We love it on our table top Oma, ThankYOU!!

Inside, I have been using our homemade citrus cleaner. The kitchen has been treated to a full going over. It works well and apparently the spray will improve with time as more peels are added to the jar.

Clean cupboard doors and drawers? Check.

Shiny oven, inside and out?


Presentable fridge and kettle? Check, check.

Inside there are another 100 yards of spun brown alpaca I am using for my vest. I think this skein was spun a little looser than the previous lot as it is looking much more 'hairy'..don't you think?
Dusty, 100yds/8 ply
Maybe this is the 'halo' I sometimes hear knitters refer to? Fingers crossed this will be enough to finish it off!

Inside, tweens practice elaborate magic show and rehearse for hours on end...

Sometimes they even dig out sparkly costumes for a more authentic appearance..

Also inside is an exciting new crochet project! More details soon...
I do love this bamboo hook I bought for the smooth and natural. Very comforting to work with....


Would you believe that outside the sun shines?

The air almost has a hint of warmth in it...almost.

Outside, Hubby tinkers and plays with his favourite machine, making a start on the wood splitting job...

Outside, I sweep, hose and scrub the verandah, cleaning up after the ducks who like to make such a mess as they travel along their preferred route to their favourite dining spot.

Outside, the clean verandah and sunshine draws young people out to walk around in socks and ride bikes around the house 52 times! Because their big sister told them to!!

Would it be INSIDE or OUTSIDE for you on a day like today?

Happy Saturday!


  1. A bit of inside and outside time for me today! Loving the sunshine too! :)

  2. It would be outside for me on such a day. I love sunshine on a coolish day.

  3. Love it Christine! Esp. love the colour of the new crochet project, and good to see some of your husband this time too! Kids, eh... 52 times!

  4. Bit of both...I love a day with cubbies, maybe in the lounge room or outside, some baking, a little bit of sewing, a checking over of the garden..something appley and sponge cakey with cream for desert while watching a movie with the children....I bet the magic show was spectacular!

  5. Hi Christine. I am a new reader of your blog from south eastern NSW. I had a laugh when I read your post today because I spent the day inside cooking, cleaning and sewing and my hubby and two boys were outside playing with their new toy, a log splitter.
    Also, thank you for your recipe for the rosemary hair rinse. I have longish hair just past my shoulders and I doubted that I would be able to comb the knots out with the rinse. However I was pleasantly surprised that I could. I have been trying to work out how I could replace my store bought conditioners, so thank you VERY much. I am really pleased with it. xxoo

  6. What a big house you have! And filled with so many treasures - love the runner, and the sparkly outfit (an old iceskating costume, perhaps?). We have a resident magician as well.. :)

  7. I'll be inside most of today - preparing green beans for the freezer thanks to friends and by the time I finish with those it will be so hot out that we will continue to stay inside and I will sew. LOVE your veranda!

  8. love the domestic scenes and the wool is beautiful..i did some serious gardening yesterday..the first for 2 months which is unheard of for me..late, but i hope not too late, garlic planting and if the weather is conducive today i will be out there again..jane

  9. The sunshine was glorious, Sharon!

    Lovely, Joyful, me too - so long as the wind isn't gusting ;)

    Hubby pic was just for you, dixiebelle ;)

    Sounds perfect, Suzanne. The magic show was indeed spectacular...lots of amazing tricks that took us by surprise...a few unsuccessful attempts, too, which added to the fun!

    That is very funny, MamaMaloney! I'm happy you tried the rosemary hair rinse and that you are pleased with it, thanks for letting me know!

    Nahh, not so big Celia - the pic makes it appear so. Costume was the eldest's old gymnastics leotard, it's nice to see it still getting a workout. I am thinking Big Boy could be your magician?

    It's so hard to imagine the heat of summer at the moment, Becky! Have fun out and in!

    You have been very productive, Jane..I love a good day in the garden where one job merges in with the next.. :)

  10. We have lovely sunshine here too, but gale force winds to go with it.
    I have got to stop coming here , I have a list of things I am dying to try already ( citrus cleaner and hair rinse for a start) ...then I come for another visit and there is another fantastic idea waiting for me.
    So love visiting your blog .
    ps inside day for me, keeping fire going ...then outside to pick up my new peach tree to go in the chicken dome garden(won't be planting till the wind goes though)

  11. Hi Christine ;) :)

    It looks like you've got lots of fun projects going on...except cleaning. I've never known cleaning to be fun...but it sure is nice to see the sparkly results.

    Oma did a great job on that table runner. It's beautiful :) :)

    As far as the alpaca yarn goes, it looks fine to me. I've knit with alpaca yarn that looks like that before. I always thought it was supposed to have a bit of a "halo" look to it ;) :) Hopefully it will be enough to finish your project ;) :)

    I'm curious about your crochet project. That yarn color is lovely. What type of yarn is that?

    Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  12. I think I would be riding around the house 52 times as well. That's the perfect house to do that! A bit easier than our short hallway that gets scootered up and down and then a landing in a heap on the poor furniture.
    ...super sparkling kitchen too! Oh I need to clean...

  13. The table runner and yarns look so beautiful - I love the warm purples and reds.

    Have a great Sunday!

    This Good Life

  14. Ah, yes, the cleaning, Heather - this was very (very!) much needed! I prefer to be doing other things too, the one sure thing is that the cleaning won't go anywhere!
    That's a relief about the alpaca..nearly finished the vest but a little dubious about how it's going to turn out. The yarn for the crochet project was bought from our local wool shop, it's called "Patons - Wilderness", the colour is like a deep plum with the odd fleck throughout. Enjoy your Sunday! :)

    Yep, Brydie, the flat verandah was a prerequisite when we were looking to buy, after living on a slope the kids didn't know what hit them with the appearnace of a piece of ground to ride on! Cleaning, yeh.. not my favourite job in the world but the homemade spray sure makes it a whole lotta fun. :)

    Thanks, T G L. We are all so happy with the runner, I think it really suits our table and kitchen area. I hope your weekend was a pleasant one. :)

  15. dear christine
    what a wonderful home you have,it looks very cosy
    the tablerunner on your table looks wonderful,oma is very talented.nice kitchen.
    your new crochet project have a wonderful warm colour,i love it.
    i hope you had a wonderful weekend,
    love regina

  16. Small Man, actually. In case it's of interest to your girls, we've found these magic kits for kids fantastic (as compared to the often crappy ones available):

  17. Hi Regina,
    Oma will love to hear you say that!
    I'm a little worried the yarn won't be enough for the crochet project..eek! Take care :)

    Celia - Ahh, Small Man! Great, thanks for the link - so many less than desirable ones out there, although we have been pretty lucky so far. There is a great kid's channel online (activity tv) where they hop on to learn new tricks..

  18. HI Christine, We have Patons yarn here in the USA, too. ..although right now I'm knitting/crocheting almost exclusively with Lion Brand cotton yarn, Lily's Sugar N Cream cotton yarn and Aunt Lydia's crochet cotton. That's mostly out of budget issues :) :) It works out GREAt, because I can make all sorts of beautiful things for the home...for myself and as gifts :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)


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