At our place...

...on this cold wintery day, sits an op-shopped jumper. After careful inspection I discovered it was a handknit worked in thick yarn in what I suspect is a wool/soybean mix (Prism).

Of course the jumper had to make it's way home with us (along with the waffle maker  and the coffee plunger), to be unravelled and niddy-noddied/skeined before washing. This is one sleeve. I'm not really sure on what to make with it yet or who for but quite often the choosing turns out to be the most enjoyable part..

I had tried to persuade the 9yo to be excited at the prospect of me making her a sleeveless wrap number but she was not keen. Does this happen to you? You have a project in mind but the potential recipient isn't grateful for your suggestions? What to do! (???). There is a LOT of yarn here and it would be great to see it go into something substantial instead of adding to the already cluttered cupboard of scarves and hats....

(Hospital visiting over the holidays)

My new favourite garden ornament! A salvaged kettle from the tip shop. Initially I had thought to plant something edible in it although I'm loving looking at it through the window just the way it is!

Crochet is happening! This time to use up ends of balls in cushion covers. I do love anything in a granny square.. they are so fast to whip up. Groups of three trebles separated by 2 chains..that's it! It couldn't be easier (or more relaxing). Mind numbing, sleep inducing crochet, aahhhh yes....

The cushion covers were inspired after the 11yo dragged out several home movies to watch over the holidays featuring her as a baby..and well, let's just say our cushion covers which were brand spanking new at the time were not looking so great 10 years on. Time for a change!! Most definitely!!

And hidden in a dark, cosy cupboard next to the fireplace lurks a dairy experiment..

We're not quite there yet with the little jar..but hopefully soon. Updates to follow.

What's happening at your place?


  1. Wow, what a find, that yarn is gorgeous! Wonderful photos Christine, I particularly love the kettle & the flowers. I am looking for a kettle like that for my stovetop!

    Yes, quite often my two have very set ideas (esp. Miss M, who has always known her own mind!) and if I gently try to negotiate/ influence them and it doesn't work, I think, oh well, it's good they have their own style/ ideas!

  2. Love the yarn and the red tea pot. Just gorgeous.

  3. The kettle and the flowers get my vote to for the best photos of the day.

  4. Lovin that kettle, I used to have a yellow just like it, it's so cheery! That jumper is a great find, I must not have the eyes for that as I never seem to find them in my op shops.

    My son has a very strict idea of wats acceptable ( he's a teen), buti can usually talk my daughter into what I want to knit or sew as she is six though it's getting harder!

  5. Oh Wow, your granny square cusion cover is nearly identical to the one that I was making, only mine then became a scarf!!!
    Whats happening at my place, well I'm actually looking through blogs for some more crochet projects, I have just found you Egg cosies, cute, just added them to my list! :)

  6. What a gorgeous red teapoot and a great find with the jumper. Have you had a look on ravelry for a project for the wool?

  7. thelittleblackcowblogJuly 21, 2011 at 7:49 PM

    Can't wait to find out about the 'dairy experiment' !!

  8. Your cushion covers are going to look wonderful! I would love to do that too, but am scared if I start, my whole flat is going to be crocheted or patchworked with very little in between. It would be a look right?

    What's happening here? It's wet, grey, soggy. Rye on the go again as I'm still not happy with it, and think it deserves a fourth chance. Fingers crossed.

    ...and what young lady is that dairy goodness? :-)

  9. I have a suggestion for the reclaimed yarn. =)

    Shalom Cardigan ... it's a free pattern on Ravelry.

    Love the granny squares. I totally agree they are the perfect "brainless" project after a hard day of work.

    Erin @ Dutch Girl Diary

  10. Just looking at your photos is making me warm - it's so darn cold and wet here at the moment! Beautiful wool! Maybe you could knit a pair of fingered gloves - now there's a project! :)

    I desperately hope you're trying to figure out how to make yakult, so you can teach us! We've never managed to do it successfully..

  11. Love the colors of that yarn, you could make me something and I'd be thrilled! ;) Tea kettle is also adorable, can see why you couldn't pass it up. :) I've just learned how to crochet and find it to be so wonderfully relaxing. I have yet to try a granny square, but since I love the look, it'll happen one day I'm sure... :)

  12. That yarn is pretty! Can't you just make something for yourself instead? ;)

    And WHAT is that dairy experiment? Keep us posted! :)

    This Good Life

  13. In the Lincraft crochet 08/ 09 book there is a lovely crocheted shawl made with prism wool, it needs 10 balls so you might not have enough ... A great find for you, it is lovely colours,

  14. Hi dixiebelle, kids can be so funny at times, can't they! It's nice they know their own minds..

    Thanks, Joyful and Deb :)

    That's great that you can knit still for the 6yo, Lisa. Our 7 yo is generally open to suggestions..although this time I wanted the 9yo to end up with something.

    There is something about a granny square, Gooseberry - they are very appealing. Have fun with the egg cosies..pretty quick to make and a whole lotta fun to lift up and find the 'surprise'!

    Thanks Provincial Homemaker - I hopped onto Ravelry last night and saved a bunch of possible projects. Such a great resource!

    It's still being experimented with, Kim..

    Hmmm, I don't know, Brydie - I think you can have a little crochet without going overboard. I know some people do and virtually their whole homes are covered in it, bar the walls! Happy rye playing!

    Ahh, shalom, Erin! Great idea, although I have just finished this pattern (in a purchased yarn). Will definitely keep this in mind if nothing else jumps out - thanks!!

    Fingerless gloves...could be a goer, Celia. Will have plenty of yarn leftover, it could be matching fingerless gloves for everyone! Yakult! I'm saddened to say that this is not the case..wonderful field for expermentation, though! (Hubby used to go through gallons of the stuff!).

    Crochet is such a wonderful journey, Melinda. It just seems to flow on from one thing to the next..and so easily transportable too. Happy hooking :)

    Yuh....maybe it will have to be something for me, TGL. We'll see. Dairy details on their way, I just want to test it first to make sure I'm not setting out to food poison anyone ;)

    Thanks, Fiona, I might just have that in the bookcase - will go and check. I've been pondering over shawl possiblities for several weeks now... :)

  15. dear christine,
    you are a lucky have found so many nice things.....the wool from the jumper is gorgeous.oh and i love your crochet cushion!!!
    have a nice time,
    love regina


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