Adventures of the sneakiest kind...

Scheming and plotting, a dash of adrenaline and a stealth manoeuvre or two...this is what I was anticipating after being introduced to Sow.Give.Grow by a good vegie group friend last week.

I was not disappointed and neither were the tweens.

In case this is as new to you as it was to me;  Sow. Give. Grow. is a project devoted to sharing the wonders of growing your own food. The aim is to motivate people to nurture an anonymously gifted seedling which will in-turn provide food. (from the website)

What could be more fun than sneaking around town, strategically placing seed packets to await collection from their new owners! If it wasn't the dead of winter and I happened to have some seedlings on the go I would've been very tempted to drop off a couple of newpaper pots containing such delights as well...


Oh, well. It IS the middle of winter and seeds are all we have. Parsley seed as it turns the handful. So into individual foil wrappers they went and then into the envelopes which were printed on our home printer, directly off the SGG website.

Being school holidays the tweens were around and soon got in on the action, embracing the whole idea! This I love to see!

It was then with a spring in our step and our hearts a'pumping we headed out to fill a morning with errands, all the while keenly pondering over where might be a good spot to leave our precious packages.. 
(all photos by the 11yo!)

A telephone booth (do people even use them nowadays?) or perhaps a busy food court table?

Or a pedestrian crossing and petrol pump....

Maybe even a drop in the large craft shop as we strolled along. Ahh! A supermarket trolley..maybe?

This was SO much fun and the girls were eager to participate in the whole exercise..from making the envelopes and writing down the details to the positioning of the seed packets and the photographing..I don't know if I could be so competant when they are back at school. Being sneaky and attempting not to get caught in the process was a great thrill although we did have a couple of close calls.

If you are keen to try this yourself, hop on over to the Sow.Give.Grow. website for further details and to say hi to BruiseMouse, who you may have seen already around the traps (pun partially intended!).

This surely has to be one of the best ways to get people excited about growing their own food!


  1. Oh that is soooooooo cool, Christine!!!!! That has really got me thinking!! I bet your kids felt so special sneaking about getting people to grow their own food.

  2. I came across BruiseMouses great idea a few weeks ago, and though I think it is fantastic, I just haven't had the chance to fit in one more challenge/ activity... however, come closer to Spring, I have loads of seeds I'd love to see growing in other people's gardens!! I am starting with a mailbox drop to my own neighbourhood!

  3. It's taking guerilla gardening to a new audience. Fabulous activity to tomwith kids. Fantastic idea.


  4. They look so darned cute, I especially like the petrol bowser deposit, filling the car with fuel is always a bore so I bet that really brightened someone's day! Would love to join you and the kids on a day out. Bet the girls had a good chuckle.

  5. The latest evolution of guerrilla gardening! Have you heard back from anyone who's picked them up yet? :)

  6. Wow, what a great initiative combining self-reliance, activism and communal solidarity. Go you! I am proud of you :) (Not that that means much, if a random anonymous person from the Internet is proud of you, but ah well ;)).

    This Good Life

  7. love it! (especially getting your 'tweens' involved - after all they are the next potential generation of gardeners!)

  8. Yep, Kim, the kids had a great time! It felt veeerry coooool ;)

    Great, dixiebelle! Looking forward to reading about your escapades come spring time!

    Thanks, Rose, Deb and Wendy :)

    Kirsty, I'm sure you know these petrol bowsers as well as I do! Thanks for introducing me to Sow.Give.Grow. ...would LOVE to head out on a stealth mission with you and kids sometime!!

    Ha, Celia, I was getting frustrated that guerilla crochet (a secret fantasy of mine) just wouldn't be an efficient use of my time..this fulfills my guerilla desires and I feel productive at well! No replies as yet..

    It means a great deal to me, T G L!! I really appreciate everyone's thoughts that are posted here and it doesn't matter if they're left random-anonoymously or not! Thanks for YOUR thoughts :))

    It was great fun, Ronnie, they asked if it was like playing a 'prank'. Me: "Kind of, but in the best possible way and no one gets hurt!".

    I really hope others out there pick it up and have fun with it. Can you imagine little packages waiting to be found all over the country?! A fantastic way to spread the word and build motivation/awareness. :)

  9. Wow, what a great idea! I've only recently stumbled across your blog, and am already impressed with all the fun things you get up to. I think I'll have to raid my seed stash and have a go at this myself!

  10. Oooooh I love this idea Christine! Thank you for sharing! I think I will definitely join in on this little bit of fun! :}

  11. Absolutely love it!!

  12. Hi
    Your adventures in SGG are now up on the blog. Thanks so much for playing along.

  13. Thanks, Bruisemouse, you're very welcome! :)


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