This week..

I have to share this pic of what I saw when I looked out the kitchen window yesterday! There was a whole family of kangaroos and this fellow was sooooo huge, I attempted to quietly sneak up on him but in the process stood on a whole pile of tools/buckets that we had at the back of the house and they quickly bounded away.

Big Daddy-O
They were in the neighbours place, grazing and I did wonder about their manicured garden and it's remains while clumsily trying to snap a pic.

A generous veggie group friend had  given me some wool (roving) that she had living in a cupboard. I've been spinning it into a very fine (for me) single and then after watching several youtube clips, had a go at Navajo plying, which is a way of plying the wool from one single bobbin, creating a yarn by looping chains together to form a three-ply.

I like the way the 3 strands ply together, they seem to make a smoother yarn...for me at least. I'm looking forward to knitting something with it for my veggie friend, just trawling through patterns at the moment though...
Navajo/chain plied skein, 216yards/15wpi (sport weight/5ply equivelent)
'Entrelac' knitting
At spinning group this week there was a fun workshop on how to go about knitting (in?) 'entrelac'. It resembles a basket weave pattern and was quite tricky to get the hang of, although after much brain power, the instructions seemed to make a little more sense. Lots of picking up stitches and joining other stitches together.

A kind hearted spinner also sent me home with some of her homegrown apples. Yum!

Yellow Delicious..and they are!
Needing to be eaten up quickly, I decided to peel, core and dry them using my favourite method, which you can read all about HERE.
soaking in vitamin C solution
..and hanging up to dry. Waiting is very, very hard!
It's been ages since we've had dried apples...they are sooo yummy and don't last long enough! I am really hoping  to bake with some this time around too...

This week also saw the appearance of another Meal Tree, which you can find more about here

It is staggering to think that when people band together, this gift can last for weeks! A precious gift indeed.

We have an extra long weekend this week, with Monday being a holiday and the kids home from school today with a student free day. It's nice to stay inside, cosy and not be rushing anywhere.

What's been happening in your week?


  1. Looks like Mr Roo has his winter coat on! What a looker!

    Wow, home made dried apples! Yummo

  2. You are a very clever lady Christine! Your knowledge astounds me!
    We also have a student free day today and we will be taking advantage of this 4 day weekend, I did enjoy not having to do the rush hour this morning.
    My week has involved lots of knitting!
    Happy weekend.

  3. Lovely yarn and all those beautiful food pictures makes me hungry. ;)

  4. We don't call it a Meal Tree but the ladies at my church do the same thing for new mamas. First I do an informal interview of the family to see what they like or don't like and then I pass the info on to the ladies. I make a schedule so the family has enough meals for at least ten days. Some ladies like to take the meal ready to go on the table and others cook up and freeze meals that can be cooked when needed. I was blessed with this each time I had a baby and it was so wonderful. That's why I asked to be put in charge of coordinating it so others will be blessed as well.

  5. What a fun week you've had! I always love to see what you're doing with wool - I find it quite intriguing...

  6. You are so clever to spin that wool! Wow! Thanks for posting on my blog:-)

  7. He was absolutely enormous, Phoebe! I've never seen one so big!!

    No Sharon, just curious and persistant. Long weekends are the best - enjoy yours. Your gloves are fab too!!

    Thanks, Becky!

    It's such a beautiful idea, isn't Patti. The great thing being that it can be used for anyone in need..not just pregnant mamas or those with newborns... :)

    Haha, you are funny, Celia. Intriguing. Yes, I sometimes find these creations a little that way, too! *chuckle*

    Too kind, Faeryfay, it's just perserverance. That's it - no secret. I would love to knit lace like your wraps that is clever!!


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