Icy, icy, oh so nicey!

A glimpse at what greeted us early this morning...

A happy first of Winter to you!


  1. It was such a cold morning that I had ice on the car!
    The frost is going to make that cabbage so sweet! mmm

  2. What a frost! And what great photos.If you have an orange tree they will be nice and sweet now.
    We actually have rain , sun and wind here. It is nice to see the sun for a change.

  3. Pretty and frosty and Wintery!

    dixiebelle (Google/ Blogger still stuffing me around with leaving comments, sorry!)

  4. It looks HEAVENLY to me here in South Carolina, USA - it was 99*F here today and a bit of crisp morning air would have been a welcome diversion. ; )

  5. Love it. That IS icey. Crunch, crunch, crunch...
    Good to 'see' you on the side too mama :-)

  6. See, that will set the apples.. :)

    Nice photos - lucky you got the tomatoes in when you did! :)

  7. dear christine,
    great frost photos!!! especially the cabbage.
    i have a question
    how do you make the golden zuchini relish?
    have a nice restweek,

  8. I heard somewhere recently Phoebe, that if you rub a cut potato on the windscreen of your car at night, the starch prevents it icing up...maybe worth a shot?

    I wish for an orange tree, Kim. Ours is still sulking after I planted it in the ground after being in a pot for a couple of years. It's probably not quite warm enough for it here. Rain sounds wonderful, send some our way, please! ;)

    Hi dixiebelle, I don't know what is up with blogger lately! I hope it sorts itself out soon.. :s

    It's hard to think of such temperatures at the moemnt, Becky! Hoping you get some cool mornings soon.

    Ah, you got it, Byds, crunch, crunch, crunch! Good fun.

    That's true, Celia, perfect timing for the tomatoes to come inside!

    Hi Regina! I haven't posted the recipe for the zucchini relish yet but if you would like it I can email you the recipe? Just let me know your email address (mine is: slowlivingessentials(at)hotmail(dot)com)
    and I will forward it to you! :)

  9. Wow that looks fantastic (I say from the warmth of my QLD home)

  10. ooooh that looks cold!

    Beautiful photos :)

  11. Thanks, Fiona and Shelley, you are both very kind.. and it WAS really cold! *shiver*.


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