Holly Hobbie and some very warm hands

Remember the Holly Hobbie/Laura Ingalls inspired hat from a while ago? Well! We were finally able to put it to use today when the 11yo went off for her "Goldfields Day" at school.

She was a trifle shy about the whole hat wearing thing and stuffed it into her bag as we were heading out the door. I like it! I think it is very Holly Hobbie-esque and I make absolutely no apologies for sewing it, even if it was just to indulge my youthful memories of crisp bed linen and sweet matching bedroom co-ordinates!

The skirt was made with the same sheet and I must thank Brydie for her generous package of trimmings which were rummaged through with anticipation as I selected the one most fitting for the purpose...

Of course, the 11yo went off to school with leggings on under the skirt and her jacket on top ....but I suppose this is what shy, 11yo girls do!  I hope she had fun and pulled out the hat at least for a little while, even if she only draped it around her neck to show that yes, she was in costume!

Do you wear fingerless gloves?

I came across a particularly easy and cosy crochet pattern recently and am excited to share it with you.

Unlike the first pair I made, this pattern works the gloves sideways which makes them easy to fit them as they are worked. Probably next time I will err on the side of tightness as they do tend to stretch with repeated on-ings and off-ings (and children stretching them up their arms as they just so love to do!).

The pattern from JR Crochet Designs can be found here.

You will find the gloves raveled here.

PS. Thanks for your replies to the Rosemary Hair Rinse post. I have updated the post with a pic of my *ahem* freshly washed hair in case there were some skeptics lurking out there. It's not the best pic, but at least it's out there *gulp*. 


  1. I'm having Little House on the Prairie flashbacks!! Your "young lass" looks most fine, love the bonnet and the sheet skirt! :)

  2. Gorgeous. I remember lots of mum made costumes made for me around that kind of awkward age. You want to play, but you don't want to look like a wally either. As clutterpunk said recently, bonnets are sooo back in.

    ...and lovely swishy long locks in the post below :-)

  3. what a lovely outfit - I'm all for any excuse for some dress-ups. And the hat would go very well down our way, the girls are very much hat wearers.
    And ditto on the flashbacks fo LHP - oh childhood memories :)

    Your mittens have turned out very well too, never thought about making them sideways, good tip, as i have had fitting problems with mine.

  4. Haha, thanks, Celia! I mentioned to hubby the other day that I would love to get the dvd set of LHOTP..Imagine..chilly winter weekend afternoons rugged up watching this goodness...*bliss*! :)

    Bonnets are back in are they? This is good to know! Such and awkward age..exactly how you describe it, Bryds!

    Killiecrankie - I've had issues with crochet gloves worked in the round too..the first row (the chain stitches) is always too tight to fit over my wrist. This sideways approach is much easier to wear ;)

  5. dear christine,
    what a wonderful outfit.i like the skirt and the fingerless glove.i am a fan of the little house series. i have all books of laura ingalls wilder
    and dvd's.
    wish you a wonderful day,
    hugs regina
    ps.thanks for the tip with the eggshells


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