Fruit Loaves

Eager to put my new starter to use even if a little on the sluggish side, I decided to bake a couple of fruit loaves. A cinnamon and raisin bread similar to the one in the Handmade Loaf for the 11yo who can go through a whole loaf on her own in a few days! For me, non-consumer of raisins, sultanas and anything that resembles such fruit, an apple and cinnamon loaf made in the same style although making use of a portion of our air-dried apples from last week.

Raisin and Cinnamon loaf  and Apple and Cinnamon loaf
One of the things that really struck a chord with me recently while perusing Dan's book was his suggestion of how we should go about making bread for consumption at home. It sounds obvious - he advises on  packing as much fruit in as the person (people) who is going to eat it will enjoy. Be generous!

So often with bought bread the fruit inclusions are skimpy and hard to spot. Not so the case thankfully when baking at home, so it was with a heavy hand I got to work making the daughter's loaf....

Raisin and Cinnamon loaf

Apple and Cinnamon loaf

To make two loaves (one of raisin, one of apple):

500g leaven, your choice (I used predominantly white with a small amount of rye included)
1 kg flour, your choice (I used white)
2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp mixed spice
2 1/2 tsp finely ground sea salt
1 tbs honey
550g water

250g raisins
100-150g dried apple, coarsley chopped

*Spice was subtle in these loaves. If a spice hit is more of your thing add extra to the quantities listed*

Combine ingredients to form a dough using your preferred method. Divide in two and place into separate bowls. Add the raisins to one bowl and the apples to the other. Mix/knead gently to incorporate fruit. Prove for 5 hours, covered at room temperature. Shape, then prove for a further 4-5 hours or refrigerate overnight. Bake at 220c for 20 minutes, reduce oven to 200c and rotate loaves if needed and continue to bake for another 20 minutes or so, until golden brown and hollow sounding. Cool on wire rack.

For tips on getting started with making your sourdough starter from scratch, visit Brydie's blog; cityhippyfarmgirl.


  1. Chris, is this the ring recipe? Have you ever tried making it in that shape and poking the hole with a floured elbow? Great fun.. :)

    Your apple version looks very nice too!

  2. Similar to the ring recipe, Celia - different leaven/flour and some other inclusions. Your elbow?? Floured elbow, no less? Hilarious! We have had the ring recipe in the past - although cutting it into 'wedges', I found it really hard to fit into the toaster...couldn't quite figure that one out.

  3. How do you get such a nice shape to your free form loaves Christine?

  4. Oh yum! I've begun a sourdough starter. Am very excited about this.

  5. Wow this looks great.. I recently seen a recipe for sour dough fruit bread, but cant recall were now :-) look no further. For a sluggish starter that bread has come up really well Christine. I have been experimenting with new flours for my sour dough starters, so I am excited to read this post and see others working with traditional leavening.

  6. My mouth is watering ... these look great Christine :)

  7. These look fabulous. I love fruit toast on a wintery afternoon.

  8. Rose, I've found the less water the dough has, the better the free-form loaves keep their shape. I'm not saying cut it back a lot, just enough (or add a touch more flour), so that the dough sits up and behaves. Moist dough tends to ooze and flow all over the tray, resulting in 'frisbies' as hubby has taken to calling them.

    The dough can also be shaped different ways, my two favourite methods are: flattening out into a big, thick rectangle and rolling up like a log, and the other, forming a ball and bending in in half with the join on the underside and squishing it to make a 'loggy loaf' shape. Hope these highly technical instructions help you out. ;)

    Excellent, veggiegobbler, I eagerly await your updates with this!!

    Sourdough fruit bread..what a revelation, Wendy! I think everyone baking with sourdough should hop on to your blog to see 'baby kamut'!! A most exciting starter!

    Thankyou Tammy! The family certainly got into the loaves last night, so nice to see :)

    Absolutely, Bruisemouse! Cold afternoons, chilly mornings or cosy evenings by the fire..all perfect fruit loaf eating opportunities there! ;)

  9. Now for me, I'd be sitting nice and close to the 11 year old, hoping for some fruity sourdough scraps thrown my way. Not a fan of the sultanery goodness eh? I'd happily shove them in every batch of sourdough I made if Mr Chocolate didn't complain, (he's one of your kind ;-)
    Thanks for the link back to Christine.

  10. that looks divine!

  11. No scraps for you Brydie if you were here, you know that! it would be slabs of big, fat slices with your choice of spread. And you are very welcome:)

    How kind of you, Kirsty!


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