Crochet A-line top. Completed.

Finito.  A little A-line top to keep her warm over her 'normal' clothes, it was fairly quick to crochet up, the pattern coming from one of my op-shop scrounged pattern books published in the 70's.

Handspun variegated wool crocheted in shells and trebles.  

Pink banding to lift the colour to match a vibrant personality.

Patch pocket in wagon wheel design with press stud closure.

Re-purposed buttons

On and happy.
(+ warm!).


  1. I love the top - very pretty!

  2. hi christine,
    great top with lovely details.i love the buttons and the colours.
    have a wonderful time,
    blessings regina

  3. so sweet! Love the little posing action she has got going on in the last photo.

  4. Girl, you are so clever! I'd wear that! (In a much, much larger size hahahaha)

  5. Oh, too cute! Love the buttons.. clever thing you are!


  6. It's beautiful Christine. You make me want to take up yarn-related craft! (but I'll hang off for now).

  7. Thankyou all! It was a very enjoyable project that seemed to grow on it's own. It would've been nice if it was a tad longer...but....I ran out of wool, oops!

    Gina, hanging off for now is a wise decision. You will have so much fun with your new one, girls being such fun to craft for! Plenty of time for yarny projects..which can be slightly addictive! Enjoy your precious early moments. :)

  8. Sweeeetness! Our daughter plays in lots of homemade frocks, too!

  9. Gorgeous. I wish I could make one of those for my daughter as well. Would be just perfect for a little body that does not want to wear warm clothes, even if it is just to humour her mother!

  10. Ahhh, homemade frocks are the best, HGF!

    Thanks, spice. The crochet was surprisingly simple and super fast to create. Why is it that they insist on skamping about in short sleeves in winter, and heavy jackets in summer...? A great mystery of life!

  11. what a great style !
    off to find that pattern - thanks for adding the link :)

  12. Thanks, Killiecrankie! The link doesn't include the full pattern - just the title of the book it came from. If you are interested in making your own, let me know and I'll pop a copy in the post for you. ;)


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