At our place...'s cold! Wintery weather makes for gloomy pictures but I thought I'd share what's happening around the place lately...

There must be slim bug pickings at the moment because our ducks are staaaarrvvviingg!! They follow me about the place constantly voicing their disapproval. I'm feeding them twice daily, but you know, this stiiiilll isn't enough for them!

There are odd little piles of wood scattered around the property (oops! Sorry, I shouldn't say little, hubby worked very hard to create these heaps). It's homegrown timber that has either died and been felled or has fallen over on it's own.

Here is our access to our main wood pile:
Not so much fun to travel through. We can't even use the little ride-on with the trailer for hauling wood due to the slush factor. It looks like it's back to stumbling through squelching mud with the wheelbarrow again...*sigh*.

There is not a scrap of duckweed  left on our dam - it really did vanish with the first appearance of the cold weather. The delicate green surface covering has been gone for weeks now.
It will be interesting to see if and when it reappears...

Hello cheeky friend. The goats have had a mischievous couple of weeks, escaping the confines of their paddock. (Who wants to be tucked away up here when there are more exciting taste-offerings on the other side of the fence?). Back to big daily hand feedings and tweeking the electric fence, which fingers crossed is back up and running again.

Our oak tree has finally decided to turn colour! It is a magnificent tree - a small picture just doesn't do it justice.
Glorious to stand underneath and gaze up through the branches, soaking in the oak-eyness of it all..

Inside, I've heaved out the slicer for a spot of bread slicing action. It makes short work of cutting several loaves in one sitting...
And with slices that are all ridiculously consistant in thickness, I'm pretty happy to see it again!

I've also spent a bit of time today washing fleece. At the front is some local wool I purchased and behind is some fawn coloured alpaca.
Filomena (front) and Mashuri saddle (behind)
It's time to make a dent on the 7 bags full that are clogging up the lounge room! Wish me luck.

What's happening at your place?


  1. What sweet little goats..Yes they sure can be mischievous but ever so cute.

  2. It all looks and sounds amazing. Those little goats look so adorable. What a productive day.

  3. We went blackberry picking yesterday and have plans to do it again today once I get home from work - IF it's not pouring rain that is. And I've been sewing on a project for a high school friend - a little something to surprise her with in her mail box.

  4. I think your ducks are like my cat DimSim - they, like her have Hobbit inclinations. They have breakfast and dinner, but like a Hobbit need second breakfast and second dinner. I'm afraid I am yet to find a cure for this.
    When we retire from Military life, we are going to get a couple of little Angora goats, for milk and wool, I hope they are as cute as yours.

  5. Lots of good things happening at your house. Love your slicer thingy, that looks serious business!

  6. Love the goats & ducks, everything looks wonderful at your place!

  7. Delightful happenings at your place, Chris! And where did you find the slicer - it looks like a treasure! Love your beautiful looking bread in the corner too!

    This morning, at my place, I'm trying to make lip balm. And I thought to myself, "ooh, I bet Chris has done that, better go have a look at her blog.." :)

  8. SO mischievous, Zara! I got my daughter to feed them today and not happy with the change in routine we quickly heard them up at the house demanding my presence, aghh!

    Thanks, Bruisemouse, yes there is always something going on, lol!

    Blackeberry picking sounds delightful, Becky! I missed stocking the freezer this year..

    Please let me know when you find the cure, Wendy, between them and the goats I'm going insane! Your retirement plans sound grand :)

    Slicer is amazing, Brydie. Very quick compared to the electric knife or *gasp* hand knife!

    Thanks, dixiebelle, it's been so cold lately I've hardly been venturing outside. Good to see you back around ;)

    Ahh, the slicer, Celia..would you believe Aldi? Just a cheapie but it has really performed well (great for pizza nights for all those capsicums and meats, etc. We've had it for maybe 2 years. Lip balm! How wonderful. Can't wait to hear how this adventure goes :)


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