A yarny update...

It's been a little while since I've updated my craftings. It has been a week of tying up loose ends - literally! I finally finished that bag that has been lurking at the bottom of the lounge room with the very first skein of yarn I spun. It is really tightly twisted in spots and I found that crocheting two strands of yarn together camouflaged most of the more..ahh, unusual spots. The contrast yarns were some bought scraps leftover from another project.

Crochet bag pattern HERE
The bag is very useful! I use it everyday for carrying my purse and phone as I'm not really a handbag type of gal. It also doubles up as a shopping bag for when I forget to take a re-usable bag to our local shop, which happens fairly frequently.

Another homespun item...a Man Hat. When I purchased the spinning wheel, the man was kind enough to throw in a big bag of fleece which I washed, spun and dyed with oak bark.  It was very soft originally although as I was knitting it up it was a little on the scratchy side. Not sure what type of sheep it was from. Hubby hasn't said anything, but if he does I think I might line it with some t-shirt fabric or polar fleece. Again, two strands of yarn were knitted together to create a worsted/10 ply thickness. The black stripes are from some leftover bought yarn.

Homespun "Turn a Square' hat, pattern HERE
A card for a special person with some homemade cheer:
Daffodil pattern HERE      Pansy pattern HERE
The flowers have a little brooch fixing sewn to the back so they can be pinned onto a bag, jacket, hat...whatever. The orange in the centre of the daffodil is actually some of the yellow yarn dyed with some food dye/vinegar! How satisfying to not have to rush out to the shops and buy a whole ball of yarn for just a small amount of orange!

Not anything to do with yarn I know,  I finally finished sewing this tunic top this week which has been staring at me from the sewing room for months now! It's just an altered thing from an existing top pattern I had, which I added some length and sleeves too and some ties for the back to pull it in a bit. It is a bit of a sack, but so very comfy!

And earlier in the week, I had reason to be up in Bendigo in central Victoria and just had to call into the woollen mills there - which I highly recommend you do if you are in that area (and knit/crochet/spin)! They have a shop that sells direct to the public and have the most colourful shelves lined with all sorts of fleecy goodness you can imagine. I came home with some 12 ply yarn, a selection of different coloured 'singles' from their box out the front as well as a big bag of fluff! I had so much fun playing with this last night when I should've been doing other things. It was great to just sit and play for no other reason than because I wanted to!

Bendigo woollen mill fleece spun with bought singles - this is fast spinning!
I spun the fleece into a lumpy, bumpy single which I'm finding lots of fun to do and then plied it with a maroon coloured single that was in my bag of coloured threads. The crocheting on the bottom left is a little headwarmer I whipped up straight off the bobbin yesterday (I know, naughty me, not washing to set the twist - it feels so good to break the rules now and then). I'm still pondering over the possibilities of the rest of the yarn....


  1. Oh that Bendigo yarn is divine!

  2. Love the tunic! You've been very creative - nice to see all the things your clever hands have been up to! :)

  3. How lovely....all absolutely lovely. Especially love the man hat and the tunic top.
    I'm trying to crochet a hat for myself at the moment out of alpaca and the more I try and not let it look like a tea cosy, the more it does... Tea anyone?

  4. Ooh, I just love your shopping bag! You've got me thinking now - would make a great collection bag for veggies. With much less nice yarn of course so it's not too upsetting when it gets dirty..

  5. Wow you are very talented!

    I love that bag. So many things you can do with it.

    Happy mom's day!

  6. You've been busy! I do like the idea of a bag to carry wallet and keys rather than a handbag ... I've never like handbags though I've always used one ... hmm.

    Lovely work.

  7. Not colours I would normally choose, but a nice change, dixiebelle.

    The hands haven't stopped lately, Celia...they seem to have become obsessed.

    Ahh, yes, Teacosy Hat Syndrome. This I know well too, Brydie. Is the hat for you? I think I have waaay too many hats due to the constant search for THE hat pattern. How 'bout a cowl? You know, one of those neckwarmery type of things that don't hang in the way like a scarf does?

    YES, Nancy! A great bag for veggies. It suddenly occurred to me that it could be made up out of string/jute or even hayband with the right size hook! Anything sturdy and strong, really!

    And a happy belated mama day to you too, floweringmama. Thanks.

    Yes, handbags and I don't mix, Rose - they always seems to become overloaded with useless stuff that seems to grow with each outing. I also read something some time ago about the weight of a handbag being a constant strain on whichever shoulder it gets carried on..which also puts me off. I find it easier this way. :)


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