Woodfired Weekend

Hubby has made a door. Two actually. Not just any type of doors though...these are teeny, tiny doors that fit into the opening of our bambino brick oven. Frustrated by the smokey firings and not being about to bake in it, he kindly got busy yesterday and came up with two doors that will solve both of these problems...

The 'venting' door can be positioned after the fire is lit so the smoke can travel up the flu and out the chimney instead of puffing back in to the fire-bug's face. A nifty placement of some hollow empty tomato tins creates the 'vents' which allows the fire to draw in oxygen from below and breathe properly, instead of choking and smouldering, which is what has been the case up until now.

The new 'venting door'. At last, the fire breathes...
The second door, used for baking after the coals have been removed is identical to the 'venting door', minus the tin can openings. The aim of this door is to totally seal the oven to contain the heat inside. Both doors are about 2inch thick timber and have a metal sheeting on the inner surface to protect the door from the intense heat inside the oven.

Of course, you know what had to happen next, don't you...?

There had to be experiments...

Saturday's fire:
A successful firing
This tiny oven thrives on smaller pieces of wood and has a firing time similar the our large oven... 3-5 hours, depending on outside temperature, recent rain (moisture in oven), dryness of fuel, etc. It's perfect for using up fallen branches on our property.

Saturday's dinner was a slap, bang affair of marinated rack of lamb with potatoes, leeks, cannellini beans, homegrown tomatoes and of course, garlic, rosemary and olive oil...

Baked rack of lamb, woodoven style (recipe below)
Woodfired cooking often isn't pretty, but it sure does taste good! And having the meal all in one dish is my kind of washing up ;)

Sunday night and hubby had a hankering for pizza. It was dark by the time we got cooking. 1kg of flour made into pizza dough is more than enough for each of us to make our own pizza, with leftovers for lunch the next day.

A simple margherita with homegrown tomatoes, a little chilli,  salami and onion

Baked rack of lamb, woodoven style
(Quantities will depend on how many people the dish is serving - 3-4 lamb cutlets for adults, 1-2 for kids, 1-2 potatoes per person, same for tomatoes)

Cut rack of lambs into portions of 3 cutlets each.  Marinate these in a simple lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and rosemary marinade for whatever amount of time you have up your sleeve (30 mins - 6 hours).  Cut potatoes into chunks. Seperate cloves from  a bulb of garlic, leaving paper on. Place ingredients into a baking dish, adding halved tomatoes, a can of rinsed and drained cannellini beans, 3 perennial leeks - rinsed and sliced, chopped herbs. Drizzle with olive oil and season.  Bake in a fully fired oven with low flames/coals for 30-40 minutes, covering with a lid or foil if veggies and meat start to burn before fully cooked. Devour while hot.


  1. Your woodfired meals always look so inviting and you've featured two of my favourite meals - lamb roast and pizzas! I'm get off my backside and get our oven fired up now

  2. The more I read about wood fired ovens, the more I want one. Hmmm, maybe it's time to start serious planning.

  3. Oooh so yummy, I have the perfect spot for our wood oven, now I just need to convince Superman!

  4. That looks so lovely. We have had a LONG bank holiday weekend here in the UK (plus Easter last weekend) and have been doing a huge clearout. Now that's done I want to move on to constructive (and maybe construction) stuff. I have had a hankering for a brick oven for ages. I've shown yours to the other half and I think .... that's the next plan. Thank you so much :)

  5. That looks so cool but that pizza just looks like it is to die for!

  6. So envious of your woodfired oven !

    Really need to get to building this winter with these sorts of photos taunting us.

    Great tips on the lamb roast - something to look forward to.

  7. Chris, you have TWO woodfired ovens? That's just incredible - how wonderful!! All the food looks delicious!

  8. the wood fired oven was marked down as a 'project for the future' but you just keep taunting me ... I think it will have to be built sooner, rather than later.

  9. Sonya - there's nothing like seeing someone elses oven in action to get you kick-started into gear with your own!

    Hey veggiegobbler..they are very satisfying to build and then bake/cook in. If there is a course that you could attend to learn about the building of one, I would highly reccommend you do - so much info to be learned this way. Also check out Backyard Ovens by Earth Garden as well as "Your Brick Oven" by Russell Jeavens (I think...!), as well as the link in my sidebar for 'traditional oven' - very good website, that one.

    Not clever, dixie - just fun!

    Ooh..hope all goes well with the convincing Wendy. I remember I had quite a time doing that but then it turned into 'Man Territory' and hubby was more inspired than I! Good luck!

    You're welcome skybluepinkish..it's a great journey both the building and the cooking.

    There's nothing like a bit of ash on the bottom of your pizza to know you're eating authentic wood-fired pizza, floweringmama ;)

    The lamb's great in the oven, Killiecrankie- this way of cooking adds a whole other dimension to the flavour..something you just can't achieve in a regular oven.

    Incredible or insane...I haven't decided yet, Celia. They are much fun, though :)

    Sooner, Hazel, sooner!! You'd be a natural and the Cook would love it! :)


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