Weekend travelling, a dyepot and possibly the weirdest egg you've ever seen...

It's COLD out there..

Camp craft.

After a busy weekend, I'm spending the day inside, nice and warm, playing with some fleece and a pot of dye. What better activity could there be for a chilly, grey day? Besides baking..which I might get to a little later on...

Cochineal and blue food colouring w/vinegar. Interesting how the blues and reds separate in areas.

Handspun wool dyed with a brown onion skin dye. Both out of the same dye pot, the two on the left were dyed with aluminium while the two on the right had the addition of iron (horseshoe) to the pot.

Could this be the weirdest egg you have ever seen?
Older hens can sometimes lay wrinkled eggs. We have several 'aged' ladies in our flock..

One of our chooks laid it over the weekend and it freaks me out everytime I look at it! Kinda scared to crack it open, to be honest. Although in saying that... I am tempted to gently blow out the contents and save the crinkled shell for a freakish Halloween decoration...


  1. I love having chickens! something like your egg would be discarded as unsuitable for sale...but we get to see all the wonderful variations of eggs...and we get to share them with our blogger friends.

  2. That is absolutely the weirdest egg I've ever seen! I thought it was a lump of playdough at first, LOL. My chooks have laid some oddities, but that one beats them all! ;)

  3. Love the Egg. Love the fact you dyed your own wool.

  4. Poor darlings...they lay some unique ones sometimes dont they...I do feel for them when they lay the ginormous ones though...do they make ice packs for chooks?

  5. Chris, I've never seen a wrinkled egg like that before! Was the shell soft? Our Bertie has a dodgy shell gland (we think), so we get weird and wonderful offerings from her sometimes...

  6. Poor old gal. I wonder if that egg was a tough one to squeeze out. My mum had some really elderly girls at one stage, that would lay the odd lumpy one but I think yours definitely takes the cake.
    Your wool colours look beautiful.

  7. That egg would make for one fantastic Halloween decoration!

  8. Hey Christine, we get eggs like that too from our old gal. I know who she is...and love her.

  9. It's crazy, isn't it Hazel. Sharing freaky occurances with fellow bloggers is the best part :O)

    It's just...Weird, Kirsten.

    Thanks, Wendy - the wool was fun but turned out differently to what I was expecting. Have been spinning some of it up today.

    Ouch, the ginormous ones are truly cringeworthy, Enchanted Moments. The other day my daughter tried to close the egg carten with a gigantor inside and you know what happened...splattered egg all inside the box. Ice packs would be good ;)

    No, Celia, that was the strangest thing - the shell was just as hard as any regular egg...just all wrinkled and squashed. Your Bertie is a special soul :)

    Hmm, not sure, Brydie, it's hard to know how laying a regular egg would feel like, let alone a freakish offering...poor things.

    Thnks, veggiegobbler!

    Yes, exactly, floweringmama! To paint or not to paint? Maybe leave it in it's natural state....

    Aww, that's so sweet, Wendy! 'Unique' layers really do make the flock special. I wish we could identify which girl laid this egg..

  10. We get some with wrinkles at the tip, but I've never seen the entire egg all wrinkled like that. I think I'd be wary of eating it too!

  11. Wow that is one freaky looking egg! Never seen anything like it...and we have had lots of chickens live to very, very old age.

  12. Lol, yes the hubby is actually a bit wary of it too, Lisa! ;)

    It's a weird one, there's no doubt about it, Spice! What's old? I always thought that anything over 4-5 was old for a chook.....


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