Sunday, wild and windy

We had a freak thunderstorm this morning, followed by a loud hammering of hail on the roof. The pyjama-clad tweens raced outside to try and catch some of the icy deliveries but of course it had virtually stopped by then!

Still, there were a few pickings to be had from the ground.... the seven year old asked if she could rinse the hail off and eat it? Sure, why not? (Wouldn't it melt under the tap though? Hmmm...)

The dyed wool from last week spun up like this:

I'm quite pleased with it although the only problem is I don't have enough for the project I had in mind! I've been looking for something else that I can use it is just under 300 yds at around a dk thickness...

Windy, haily days are best kept indoors, warm and dry. Sometimes one even gets requests from smaller people to heave out the old Singer... (no need to ask twice, any excuse I'm happy for it to be out).

While the nine year old got busy making a 'dilly bag' to store her camp utensils in, I went ahead and picked up that pattern that had been hovering in the kitchen for the past couple of weeks.

Perhaps I'll never get the chance to make the whole ensemble, but for now the hat is enough...

Holly Hobbie! She brings back so many memories for me! It was fortunate I had an op-shopped sheet to play with.

It's also time to start looking for green tomato chutney recipes. I filled this basket yesterday while having a good clear out in the garden. Apparently the green tomatoes can be kept inside for a couple of days as this improves their flavour.

I have to admit, I've never made a green tomato chutney before but the recipe I'm eyeing off contains all things good - onions, cayenne, mustard seeds, turmeric and garam masala. Do you make green tomato chutney? What are your favourite additions?

Happy Sunday, I hope you're keeping dry and cosy whatever you are up to!


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  2. Oh Christine, that wee hat is precious. Now you just need a little head to pop it on... is it wrong to have Singer envy... I have not seen one of those in many a year, how blessed are you. :-)

  3. oops, sorry Christine! Sign of old age.....

  4. I just had a sneaky nap with the two year old, the kind of nap that's not planned and when you wake all things are jussst right. He was warm and cozy.

    That hat is so sweet. Now the next photo I want to see is you wearing it picking your tomatoes :-) Green tomato chutney sounds good. I haven't made it green but any of those combo's sound good.

  5. Just got my tomatoes all chopped and in salt for overnight....I have never made it before either, so am going to give the chutney a go...Im going to post about my adventure...apparently there are alot of green tomatoes this year...good luck with yours....Suzanne

  6. I'll be interested to hear how the chutney goes. I've never made it before and may give it a go next year.

  7. hi christine
    your blog is very interesting for me.the bonnet looks great.....wonderful pattern.and the wool have a fantastic color,what will you knitting?
    have a nice week,
    greetings from germany

  8. I made a batch of green tomato chutney and discovered to my great surprise that it was best after it aged about 6 months! On ham? Fabulous!

  9. Love the hat. I have only ever made tomato chutney with red tomatos but will be glad to hear how it all goes.

  10. Chris, the old Singer is a treasure! And did you manage to convince one of your girls to wear the Laura Ingalls/Holly Hobbie sunbonnet? ;-)

  11. Oh I had the Holly Hobbie sewing machine!

  12. No problem, Sharon..happens to me all the time!

    Ahh, Wendy, you know the hat isn't so fits me which was totally unintentional! The Singer is such a dream and so quiet too! :)

    Warm, cosy naps sound just perfect, Brydie. Best thing for a rainy old day..

    SO many green tomatoes, Suzanne! It would've been nice if they had got a chance to ripen. Will keep an eye out for your chutney :)

    To be honest veggiegobbler, I'm not even sure that we'll eat it - we're not really a chutney household but I thought I should at least try given the abundance of green toms at the moment..

    Hello Regina! Such lovely comments, thankyou. I have no idea what to knit yet...I'm still deciding. Have a lovely week. :)

    Hmmm, interesting, quinn. I have found that bread and butter cucumbers that were slightly bitter on pickling mellowed wonderfully over time too so we shall wait and see!

    Yes, just red tomatoes here too, Fiona. I will endeavor to keep you informed on how it all goes ;)

    Celia, I luurve this old Singer..I picked it up years ago at a trash'n'treasure market and it runs beautifully. Well now...about that bonnet (Laura Ingalls exactly!!), it does have a costuming purpose to fulfill in the near future ;)

    Oh, a HH sewing machine?? I don't think I have seen much fun would this have been, floweringmama!! :)

  13. Hi Christine,
    Here's a couple of green tomato recipes I used recently for my ridiculous amount of green tomatoes...

    I also made this sugar free tomato salsa, - which was delicious and just like store-bought (make sure you use red capsicums though, they add the right amount of sweetness compared to the batch I made with green capsicums!)

    Hope this helps :)

  14. Fantastic, thanks Jen! I like the look of the first pickle recipe - I don't think my recipe book said to brine overnight but I do like doing this. There are more to pick outside too so I think there will be plenty to use up. Must buy onions!!! Thanks again :)


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