Slow Living, defined.

I was browsing aimlessly online the other night and happened to come across a definition for Slow Living!

When I first started this blog I knew what it was going to be about and how I was choosing to live, which (in my mind) was 'slow living' but when it came to finding the words to actually explain my thoughts I admit I found it a challenge.

Of course there are no doubt a gazillion other people out there choosing to live a similar life like me (just take the number of blogs focused on this subject for starters). This is comforting for me after being in contact with people who don't get it, I can enter the blog world and connect with others of similar thinking.

Homegrown timber. Hubby's been hard at work with the new wood splitter

As I read the Wikipedia page I was nodding and saying "Yes, that's it! This is Me. This is what I'm all about!"

The timber keeps us warm over winter.

I could just never find the right words.

What hit the spot for me most were The Qualities of Slow Living (Yes, actual Qualities, hooray!):

Holistic – taking into account as many areas of life as possible, including the personal as well as the social, and both short and long term consequences

Elegant Sufficiency – having enough for fulfillment, while avoiding waste and excess, valuing quality over quantity.

Savoring – taking the time and directing awareness to fully engage with your experiences in ways that are enjoyable and life enhancing.

Distinctive and Tailored – valuing the unique characteristics of each place, person and moment, and fostering this uniqueness in your own life.

Environmentally Sustainable – being conscious of the environmental impacts of your choices and actions and seeking to reduce harm and enhance restoration. 

Slow Living borrows from the earlier and related lifestyle approaches including Voluntary Simplicity and Simple living which emphasize consuming less and being more self-sufficient. However, Slow Living emphasizes building relationships with local producers over self-sufficiency, and puts a greater value on enjoying life and psychological well-being. (source: Wikipedia)

It creates cosy fires that one doesn't want to move away from.

This is IT, in a nutshell! To veiw the page, click on this link.


  1. We are slowly getting our slow lives together in our neck of the woods. There is still so much that needs to be done, but we just chip away at things slowly and the to-do-list shrinks accordingly. Of course, it swells just as readily!

    I had not thought of wiki-ing ¨slow life¨, and you are right, it summarises it perfectly!


  2. do you know about "epicurus" the greek philosopher, he advocated a peaceful life of friendship, pleasures and pretty much going with the flow, a simple life, a slow life. his followers called epicureans, now the word is mis-used to describe people who indulge in the finest of foods and wines, not quite what epicurus was getting at

  3. Ooh, Brendie, more food for thought. Thank you, too!

  4. All sounds good to me! I quite often can't find the words that are the essence of the life I want to live, I just know when it feels right... which doesn't quite work if I'm trying to explain it to someone.
    I found out yesterday there is a new magazine out called "Slow". Saying that it may well not be new I could just be slow to find out about it.

  5. It all sounds ideal to me... now if I could just cosy up with a good book, a hot chocolate and nice biscuit in front of your fire, I'd be ever so grateful!

    Dixiebelle (your comment thingy is stuffing up, or maybe it's just me!)

  6. Ah, just what I needed . A little reminder of what we are trying to do here on our farm...sometimes we get all caught up with 'the other world ' that it pulls us away from our dreams. Thankyou for reminding me to slow down and watch the fire ....thankgoodness there are all these little 'slow' blogs out there that remind us of who we are when we forget.

  7. I love how that was detailed! :)
    Fantastic to read! Thank you for sharing it!

  8. Thankyou all, I'm happy you enjoyed this as much as I did!

    Brendie, I did not know this - off now to look up Epicurus... Thanks for the link.

    Finding the words can be so hard at times, Brydie. I have seen "Slow" in the library and borrowed it once didn't really hit the spot for me. Maybe I need to have another look, it was a while ago....

    You are very welcome, Kim and Katy :)


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