Fly Agaric sightings

I had to stop and pull over after dropping my kids off at school today to have a look at the beautiful toadstools that are appearing in our area. Definitely not for eating as they are highly poisonous, they are very enjoyable to admire...

This collection were found under this youngish oak tree

Immature state

Last lunch?  Some poor animal may be feeling very sorry for themself right about now...


  1. I have been saving some photos of toadstools to put a post up photos of the Amanita Muscaria are not as wonderful as yours though!

  2. Wow, beautiful & striking. The wonder and terror of nature, hey!

  3. And here I was thinking that they were fairy mushrooms...hope the fairies dont eat them!

  4. I honestly didn't think I would take the time to look at photos of mushrooms;) But these photos are amazing! How on earth did you get UNDER them?!

  5. I love the look of these toadstools.. many moons ago when I messed about with digital art, I took photos of these and added pixies and fairies.. and every wet tummy taking the perfect photo was worth it.

  6. Aww, you're too kind, Hazel and I'm sure that your pics are positively droolworthy as they always, always are!

    Absolutely, dixie - so fascninating!

    Ha, Enchanted Moments! That would NOT be good!

    I know, I know, Sonia, I honestly didn't think I'd end up taking pictures of them..but they are just so intriguing. You're funny, it wasn't me under them...just the camera! Although it must've looked very strange to passers by...woman in oldest trackie pants with head down, bottom up in the ditch on the side of the road...hmmm. :)

    Oh, Wendy, I would've loved to see your fairy/toadstool pics!! There's something special about getting right up close to something fascinating from nature, isn't there!

  7. Wow! Those are spectacular. That third shot makes them look as big a a house. I've never seen anything like that here.

  8. You didn't get a picture of the hookah smoking caterpillar on top of the toadstool? He must have popped off for a toilet stop just before you got there...

  9. I've never seen one of those here, I thought they were a European mushroom! Thanks for the photos.. :)

  10. Wow awesome pictures! We have those here in AK in the fall too. Never thought of photographing them, I'll have to give it a try!

  11. These are incredible! I am expecting to see a caterpillar peer over his glasses at me.

  12. Thanks, David. It's easy to become attached to the macro function, isn't it!

    They are amazing, floweringmama and so pretty!

    Ahh, alas, unfortunately not, Brydie. Must've just missed him ;)

    Yes, Celia you're right, they are a European fungus and will only grow under European trees - commonly oaks and pines. They were introduced here goodness knows when and pop up every year in our area.

    Ahh, I wondered if they were in the US, Homemade Alaska. It's hard to walk by them without snapping a few pics.

    Ha, yes, Lazy Composter! I keep looking for the rabbit hole and Alice, too!


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