The Dance of Motherhood

Every time I turn around lately, I seem to be catching up. Why is it I can never actually catch up? Always, always there is something else to finish, do, cook, post, wash, fold, plant, bake or transport. I'm feeling swamped.

Maybe because it's Mother's Day on the weekend, I've been thinking about all of the hard-working Mum's out there caught up in their own Dance of Motherhood. They swing to their own beat, finding a rhythm that suits them and their family.

The Mother with pre-schoolers, lacking sleep.

The Mother raising the autistic child.

The Single Mother.

The Mother who's husband is ill.

The Mother without a Mother.

The Mother who works outside of the home and in.

My Mother.


Your Mother.


What happens if we lose our rhythm? Fail to dance to the beat in our head? Lose time?

Would things go on, unchanged? With someone else stepping in to do The Dance?

Would our children know any different or even realise that we have stopped Dancing? Just for a while?

How fast should we Dance? Or how slow? Why is it so hard to maintain a constant rhythm that suits the family?

This Mother: Me.

This weekend be kind to the mum's that cross your path...they are finding their own rhythm to the beat in their head, just like you are now or your own mother did with you.


  1. I am trying to do a slow, gentle waltz more recently, rather than my usual two step... but despite this, I still feel like I've been at a 24 hour dance-off! Ah, but who would I rather have as my dance partners than my two lovely kids and supportive husband!

  2. I've been the same way this week. I just felt like I've been behind the eight ball the whole time. I still haven't caught up - my floors are crumby, my kitchen is messy, the clothes are piling up!
    It was interesting to think if my kids would know any different if I stopped 'dancing'.

  3. For Tomorrow Happy Mothers Day Christine.

  4. A thought-provoking post Chris, thank you. Sometimes I feel like we're treading water - can't move forward, have to keep paddling just to keep heads above water. I'm looking forward to a restful weekend - hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow! Celia x

  5. I think the answer is to dance the best and most inspired dance you can manage...can't ask much more than that. Have a lovely rhythmic Mother's Day!

  6. What a beautiful thoughtful post. It has set me up to look at all the mums I come across today in a very special way. I feel like I have been doing the samba all week and the ironing still isn't done.
    But...I love the music, I love the rhythm of our life and days like these are days to reflect just how lucky we are to be mothers . Keep on dancing girls!
    Kim - thefunkyfrontyardfarmer'sfriends blog

  7. Thankyou all for your lovely comments. So much to think about. I hope you all had a wonderful day :)

  8. Christine what a lovely post...
    That catch up game is very familiar. Sometimes it definitely feels like the music is bass thumping techno beats and I'm still doing some country square dance in the corner. I actually forget sometimes that it might be time to unplug a few things and simplify a little, as geez when I do, everyone seems to breathe a little easier. It's also so easy to forget that everyone else has their own rhythms that they may be grappling with.
    Happy Mother's Day Mama.

  9. Such a great post . I'm usually doing the frantic Irish jig but trying to do the slow zen so many others! Hope you've had a lovely mothers day.


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