Baskets, a banneton, balls of wool and bulbs of garlic!

So...carrying on from yesterday, this is the youngest's 'nest' from the weaving demonstration at school:

She just loves it! She wanted me to write that she wove the dried grass through the nest and then lined it with the fleecy wool to keep her birds nice and snug :)

At the end of the session, there was quite a supply of plant material left over, some of which I took home and played with...

It's teensy-tiny and would only hold a couple of eggs. I'm thinking of using it to hold the wrinkly egg we had laid last week..the perfect containment!

Once I started looking around, I discovered we have many plants on our property that could be used for weaving play. I started eyeing off the willow tree and though the pickings were slim, still managed to scrounge a few 'whippy' branches for this rustic offering:

I'm loving the look of scraggly branches/twigs arranged into something useful. Like order out of chaos..

When I got home from my usual Friday goings on today, imagine my surprise when I found this delighful package on our front doorstep from the ever generous Celia!

A beautiful, spirally smooth, round banneton! For little old me!! She really is so sweet and I have to say I can not wait to start shaping bread in it. Oh, and inside the little tin are some very handy book darts for marking lines/pages. These will be most useful. Thanks so much, Celia!

In the end, the rest of my multi-coloured Bendigo fleece spun up like this:

..again, 8ply/dk weight. I seem to be developing a comfortable rhythm for this size wool. Goodness knows what will happen when I decide to try something different!

It turned out differently to how I was expecting and I'm still deciding if I actually like the colour blend. In the meantime though, I will attempt to make it into some sort of garment for the youngest.

I also noticed this week that our homegrown garlic was all starting to sprout and needs to be planted out. Quick!

So that is what I will be up to tomorrow, putting the cloves in the ground in between the daughter's netball game and visiting with family. What's happening in your parts?


  1. At the moment it is pouring rain! We were planning to attend a "free" showing of Toy Story 3 with friends by the River - Our City is hosting the movie in the Pavillion. There is another band of storms headed this way so they may cancel it for tonight.

  2. I love that bowl for putting the bread in, what a great pattern it will make (and what a generous person!) As always I love the wool, and how cute is that basket your daughter made!

    We are hosting a Pot Luck Lunch & DVD afternoon tomorrow for a new community group we are a part of, so housework and cooking today! Which reminds me...

  3. Hooray, I'm glad it arrived both in time for the weekend AND to fit in with your basket posts! :)

    PS. Please tell your daughter that I think her nest is wonderful, and it would be a very lucky bird who got to lay an egg in something made with so much love and care!

  4. Sounds like fun, Becky! I hope the storms stayed away.

    Ooh, pot luck lunch for a new group..sounds exciting, Dixiebelle! Can't wait to here more :)

    It's fabulous, Celia, thankyou so much! Is it ok to say I'm a little scared of using it? ;)

    The daughter will be very pleased with your thoughts, I'll pass them on..

  5. Oooh, very exciting! Looking forward to seeing your bread to come out of the lovely banneton. Soooo...a starter? :-)

  6. Aaahh...maybe, maybe. But on the other hand, maybe not. We will have to wait and see, won't we? ;)


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