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...is an exciting project with homespun yarn!

100% alpaca yarn (dk weight), from 'Dusty', the alpaca
 This yarn is from 'Dusty',  my friend's alpaca and it was satisfying to see to the preparation of the fleece through the beating of the dust, the picking out of the grass seeds, the spinning, plying, skeining, washing, and lastly knitting (!).

Hopefully it will be a vest for me to wear out in the garden - that is if it doesn't drop and stretch tooo much, which I've been told is an alpaca trait, oh!

I've set this knitting aside while I work on a couple of birthday presents, but I keep staring at it and am looking forward to when I can get back to curling up on the couch with it in the evenings.

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  1. How wonderful to be able to follow the yarn from the alpaca's back onto your own!

  2. Love this Alpaca yarn the a top colour, also the pattern has me intrigued, I have just taken up my knitting needles again after retiring from the work force, forgot the simple pleasure of knitting, sunshine smiles to you

  3. Gosh, I wish mine looked like yours. I'm currently making a tangled mess of my alpaca wool. I think it's about the 5th incarnation that I'm currently trying to make into something worthy. I've nearly completed things and then decided it looked ridiculous and taken it apart, (I didn't want to waste the wool!) Similar colour though.
    A vest will look gorgeous, (man vest again?)

  4. Think of the lanolin on your hands as you do the knitting! :)

  5. That yarn looks so lovely! I can imagine that it is great to knit with =)

  6. A drooping stretchy vest would fit me perfectly! ;)

    What a wonderful project.

  7. I love the color! It's looking so beautiful!

  8. Beautiful colour! And it looks soooo soft...

  9. I love alpaca wool. Once, long ago, I had an alpaca sweater from Peru. Until I outgrew it and gave it to someone who could wear it. Your vest will be lovely and comfy.


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