Little crocheted gift baskets

After 'tea with hazel' asked so nicely if i had a pattern to share for the crocheted baskets from my weekend post,  I rummaged in my basket and found the crumpled scrap of paper that my notes were written down on. They were kind of made up as I went, you see..!

A quick solution to gift containment
The baskets were made to put some homemade chocolates in for my brother's children and are the easiest thing in the world to whip up for anyone with basic crochet knowledge (this is me.beginner too..remember?!).

The baskets are worked all in one piece so there are no joining seams together afterwards, which I happen to detest! They are started by working in the round and then after the desired base size is reached, the sides are worked in dc (sc US readers) with no increases. The handle is simply a row of chain reaching from one side to the other and worked to the desired thickness in dc.

Change colours for different stripey effects otherwise work them up in a single colour and embelish later on with ribbon..etc.

So, here we go:

Little Crochet Baskets
size: just the right size for a child to carry (10cm diameter x 15cm side height, approx. 4"x"6")

ch= chain
slst=slip stitch
dc= double crochet **(single crochet for US readers)**
inc= increase (2dc in dc)

Requirements: 4mm crochet hook, assorted 8ply/dk weight yarn, wool needle, buttons (optional)

Working the base in a spiral

(I worked in a spiral as a single colour was being used. If changing colour for 'rings', join beginning and end stitch with a slip stitch). Mark beginning stitch of each round with a safety pin to easily identify the end of the round.

Make 2 ch
1st round: 6dc in first ch
2nd round: inc in each dc to end (12dc)
3rd round: (1dc, inc) repeat 6 times (18dc)
4th round: (inc, 2dc) repeat 6 times (24dc)
5th round: (2dc, inc, dc) repeat 6 times (30dc)
6th round: (4dc, inc) repeat 6 times (36dc)
7th round: (2dc, inc, 3dc) repeat 6 times (42dc)
8th round: (6dc, inc) repeat 6 times (48dc)
9th round: (inc, dc to last dc, inc) (50dc)

(Working in rounds and joining with a slip stitch if changing colours, or in a spiral if working in single colour, marking beg and end of round with a a safety pin in first stitch)

With yarn still attached, chain 1.
1st round: dc in each dc around edge of circle.
2nd and subsequent rounds: repeat round 1 until desired height is achieved. I changed colour stripes after working two rows, finishing with three rows of a colour for the top band. (50dc and 15 rounds)

With yarn still attached, ch 40 (or preferred number of chains to reach desired length of handle). Join on opposite side of basket with a slst. Turn and work back along ch in dc to other side. Join to basket side with a slst. Repeat this process until handle is desired thickness. (I worked one row of dc on each side of chain).
Fasten off and weave in ends.

(English terms)

Make 2 ch.
Rnd 1: 6dc in 2nd chain from hook, sl st to 1st dc
Rnd 2: (1dc in next dc, 2 ch) 5 times, 2ch, sl st to 1st dc
Rnd 3: Change to main colour (if using), (1dc, 1htr, 3tr, 1htr, 1dc) in each 2-ch sp, sl st to 1st dc.

Fasten off. Sew in ends. Attach to basket and secure with yarn and wool needle. If you are super organised, a button in the centre of each flower would make a nice addition.

To be filled with any manner of goodies.

I hope you enjoy making these baskets for someone special as much as I did!


  1. thank you so much for posting the crochet gift basket instructions..i cant wait to make one..i hope mine look as good as yours.. tea with hazel

  2. Oh I wish I was a beginner like you!! You are too clever...

  3. Cute little baskets and a great idea for gifts.

  4. Thanks heaps for your pattern! You've inspired me now...!

  5. Oooooooh I just love those adorable baskets! I'm sure to be making some!:-) Thanks.

  6. Thank you, thank you! This is so very something that I will use.

    Blessings, Debbie

  7. Thanks, ladies. Please let me know if you happen to make your own basket/s so I can post a link to your blog :)

  8. Oh, I'd love to try those, but I am such a beginner it looks too complicated to me. I think I will have to print your instructions and take them along to the craft group at my kids' school and get someone to guide me :)

  9. Not very complicated, Kirsten..just a circle for the base, then straight up for the sides. Handle is simple back and forth crochet to get width. Crochet patterns always look so complicated when they are typed out, I have to say! Happy basket making :)

  10. Those are adorable! I made something similar for birthday party take home favors.


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