Crocheted Hen Egg Cosies

I came across the cutest pattern for some crocheted egg cosies recently. Having a growing supply of homespun and dyed yarn availabe, I was excited to make some up for the 'tweens'.  I think it's hilarious that after lifting the hen up, we get to see the egg she has 'laid'! It makes me chuckle every time...  

Three hens a-laying

Free pattern available Here.

Happy Easter if you celebrate. Happy Sunday otherwise!


  1. Just SO CUTE!!! Happy Easter, Chris! Did you know that the only thing Small Man has ever knitted was an egg cosy? It was too small on the bottom, so it had to be squeezed onto the eggs occasionally, with disastrous results! :)

  2. What a great idea! I can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. How cute are they. I've been trying to rustle up some brain cells to try and work out how to crochet 'things'... Me and crochet are still not a happy marriage, but we are working at it ;-)

  4. Oh, dear, that's hilarious, Celia! Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks, Wendy, Geraldine and Faeryfay - mine are much more wonkier than the ones on the pattern but still keep the eggs very cosy!

    They're a bit of fun, Brydie. Don't stress too much with your crochet journey, it will suddenly 'click' and things will fall into place. I often get confused about which stitch is the last one at the end of a row..and when I'm really stuck on a particular maneouvre turning to 'youtube' is most helpful.


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