Foraging, the goaty way

What fun it is to forage for wild blackberries and apples! Especially when there are some four legged friends coming along as well....

They enjoy fallen apples on the ground...

..and the tastiest looking ones in the bag!

The plumpest, juiciest blackberries are always just out of reach...

They trot home contentedly with full bellies and pink lips, causing their owner to smile.

Local green apples, destined for bottling.  Blackberries consumed along the way.
Toggenburg kids courtesy of a most generous vegie group friend.


  1. My goats are so tired of snow and ice! Soon they will be happily foraging again, but not soon enough for them!

  2. Cute kids! Looks like a lovely time was had by all.. :)

  3. Christine, that is so sweet, I have always loved goats but we cannot keep them here and a friend who has had goats says they are very naughty! Have you found this to be true?

  4. Lovely pics. We too keep goats, however growth has not taken off yet here in North West Ireland. Looking forward to taking them browsing like this later on in the year.

  5. Thanks, Aussiemumbec!

    Hope that snow and ice melts soon for them, quinn :)

    Always fun to forage, Celia, I must say this was the first time I went with some goats though!

    Ahh, yes Wendy. These goats actually belong to my friend, but I can say that our two goats are quite mischievous and if there is a weak spot in the fencing...they WILL find it!

    Isn't it fun to watch them munch away on free browse, Bridget?! Goaty bliss..

  6. Goats eat everything if they're allowed, so that must have been a real treat for them! How lovely! I did my first tiny forage of the year the other day, wild garlic leaves made into a delicious pesto and breathed over everyone. Where have all my friends gone?

  7. Haha, funny, Jo! Wild garlic leaf that is something I haven't tried - it sounds delicious, though :)


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