Autumn garden round-up

Promising myself not to bore anyone to tears with another post on spinning,  I've decided to focus on the garden instead. It feels like the longest time since I've done an update, hence the abundance of pictures! Plus, I just can't get enough of this gorgeous, golden Autumn light and I confess, the camera just took on a life of it's own. This is what's happening in our patch this month...

Silverbeet - we are using it in just about everything!
Recent rains have caused a multiplication of perennial leeks  to occur. They seem to be everwhere - where previously there were none!

Perennial leeks - the hardiest of the hardy

Our zucchinis are still going strong, the yellow "Gold Rush' variety proving to be the most generous - they just keep giving and giving. Can you guess what's for dinner tonight...?

"Gold Rush" and "Blackjack" zucchinis
Yep! Zucchini slice!!

Tomatoes climbing through a ladder and wrought iron stand, comfrey, beetroot and kale
The pumpkins are slowly ripening....

Volunteer pumpkin (Qld Blue?)
...very slowly.

The beans are coming to an end. The Blue Lakes did make an appearance after all and have been as usual, ever generous. There really is nothing better than fresh, crispy beans straight of the vine!

Blue Lake climbing beans
I am trying an experiment in the greenhouse - by growing a late crop of potatoes. Usually we have frosts in late Autumn and this would wipe out any plants growing outside, but hopefully here inside the greenhouse, our spuds will be protected, supplying us with a harvest when we would normally be running low. Fingers crossed!

The second bed in the greenhouse has been sown with salad greens, radishes and swedes. I have left room for a few broccoli to go in as well...

Forgetting to label in my haste, I'm guessing these are radishes popping up..

Assorted cuttings for the 11yo's plant stall

Our winter vegetables have just been sown...a little late, I know!

Starting the winter vegetables: rainbow chard, red cabbage, sprouting broccoli, red onion, brown onion and annual leek.

Autumn foliage on blueberry
This is the second eggplant that has graced our garden with it's presence this year.

Eggplant - the second arrival, with another 2 on the way

Just Because. Pansies make me smile :)
We have had a great potato harvest this year. There are still findings underneath the soil for those willing to dig.

And the tomatoes are coming to an end. Not the best year with all of the humidity but still some reasonable harvests.

Tomatoes - Tigerella, Red Fig, Cherry and San Marzano
What's happening in your veggie patch this month?


  1. Love it, such wonderful photos and produce!

    Here is what is happening in our garden at the moment:

  2. Lovely lovely lovely! Not much in our garden, we're behind schedule, with a couple of beds to plant out. We have some tomato seedlings that look like they've resisted the wilt, so will see what happens to them, the perennial leeks and basil going strong, and still the odd eggplant left as well. Self-sown salad veg are starting to come back, and we have potatoes and garlic to plant soon..

  3. Your vegies are simply stunning. I realize you are good with a camera, and that the autumn light was amazing but, you have attained vegetable perfection. I stand in awe!!

  4. I have chard, your silver beet, coming put my ears too. You know what I just did with some? Muffins! Sweet ones, like zucchini bread, but with finely sliced stems and greens. I didn't know if it would work, but once I had the idea, I just had to try it. I'll be posting a recipe soon, but I think any zucchini bread recipe would work fine.
    What is this "slice" to which you Aussies are always tantalizingly referring?

  5. I've got some peas and broad beans poking their heads up and onion seedlings growing on the kitchen bench waiting to get planted. This year I'm going crazy on the onions because they grew so well last year - and tasted so yum!

  6. Wow Christine! What an abundance of goodness from your garden! I have had success with pumpkin, corn, lettuce, basil, chilli, butter bean, and tomatoes - well what we can get off the bush before our cheeky resident possum "picks" and eats during the night! I'm off to sow some more seeds!

  7. Sister, how rockin' does your garden look! Lovely, lovely.
    Your volunteer pumpkin looks a lot healthier than mine did before it was consumed by a deathly fungus. It was always ambitious growing in a pot I know, but the 20 flowers she put out gave me hope.
    I love the look of the tigerella, and the 11 year olds stall with the Chilean guava sounds very exotic.

  8. Your garden is still growing well, I am trying late potatoes too and going to cover them with plastis overnight and see how they go.

  9. How much do those yellow zucchinis grow! I have them in my back yard and they grow at an enormous rate.

  10. Thoroughly enjoyed your photos, we are under a couple feet of snow here.

  11. Lovely, dixie!

    *Gasp!* Behind schedule, Celia? How can this be?? I wish our basil did better this year, it was dismal. Must get cracking with the garlic soon, too..

    No spring chicken, you are beyond kind! It was the light, honest :)

    Sweet chard muffins, CJ? This I must see. The only recipe I have for zucchini bread is a savoury one (I think! I confess I haven't made it!). I look forward to your post. Ahh yes, zucchini slice - it is a very simple slice of eggs, flour, grated zukes, onion, cheese and bacon, all mixed up together and baked in the oven until golden. It can be eaten warm or cold and is a staple over the warmer months here! I'll try and post a recipe for it one of these days :)

    Peas, Shelley! So delicious when fresh, enjoy yours.

    Isn't it great to have a generous harvest, Sharon? It sounds like yours has been just so this year, wonderful! Best of luck dealing with that pesky possum!

    Oh, no! Your pumpkin succombed to a wilt, Brydie? Perhaps it just wasn't meant to be..
    Yes, the Chilean guava..quite adventurous there - we haven't tried the fruit yet but thought what the heck, lets see if our spindly little plant will grow from cuttings!

    Hope your potatoes go well, Debbie. Homegrown are always so much nicer, aren't they!

    Aren't they amazing, Susan! One of the most generous veggie plants out there..

    Snow! I can hardly imagine this at the moment, Homemade Alaska. Nice to hear you enjoyed my humble garden pics :)

  12. what an incredibly beautiful garden! our garden here in Kentucky is still the stuff of dreams. a small seeded flat in the attached garage with t-tiny little seedlings peeping up toward the light.

  13. Such a beautiful harvest! Your volunteer blue pumpkin looks so good! My golden rush zukes did the best for me this year as well.

  14. Sounds exciting, Dmarie :)

    Looking forward to harvesting the pumpkins Mrs Bok, altough I like to wait until the vine starts to die back first. Those gold rush zuccinis are so prolific, aren't they! Great to hear of your success with them too.


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