The Small Chubby One

I found this little guy growing in the garden recently. I watered him well and watched him grow. I've never grown an eggplant before (I always thought the climate here was too cold), the warm, humid weather of late agreed with him and he swelled up nicely.

A fine specimen. But what to do with him?

He was just as handsome on the inside as he was on the outside...

A concoction of delicious spices, garlic and ginger. Some fresh tomatoes and coconut cream, oh and of course some toasted, shredded coconut. Lastly some kaffir lime leaves fresh from the tree..

Simmer away, oh delicious one.

 Oh, yes, simmer away...

Coconut Epplant Curry with homegrown eggplant, tomatoes, garlic and kaffir lime leaves

Our Small Chubby One did not dissapoint. For quantities and method, pop by Cityhippyfarmgirl
 and take a look at Brydie's  Coconut Eggplant Curry recipe.

My only changes were to use 600g of chopped fresh tomatoes, some crushed fenugreek which is my curry spice of choice lately and a little chilli ;)


  1. wow that looks delicious! Glad the little Chubba did not dissapoint!

  2. Mmm yum. I have a couple of plants growing but no eggplants yet. Hope I will have success like you. Last year I had no luck.

  3. Wow, the combination of your eggplant and Brydie's recipe looks like a real winner! :)

  4. Oh he is a handsome one! Small and chubby indeed.
    Glad you liked the dish, (thanks for the link back :-))

  5. Oh yum!! LOL I turned my fairy eggplant into Brydie's coconut eggplant curry as well! It was delicious.

  6. Hi Aussiemumbec, it was most kind of the little Chubba not to dissapoint, wasn't it! :)

    That's interesting veggiegobbler, I hope you have good luck with them this time around!

    It went down well, Celia, a very good dinner :)

    Gotta thank the eggplant for that, dixie.

    And thankYOU for the recipe, it's a keeper ;)

    It most certainly was, Mrs Bok. Very tasty indeed!!


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