Monday, February 28, 2011


One day's harvest from the garden, I love the way it is a little bit of everything and not too much of one thing.

Potatoes, beetroot, corn, tomatoes, eggs, zucchini, beans and silverbeet
Our lebanese cucumbers are also starting to arrive, some of which I'm looking forward to pickling. We're also harvesting kale, which has made a comeback from the assault of the white cabbage moth caterpillar and we are still collecting small amounts of strawberries every few days.

These are a few things that we've been enjoying eating with the produce lately:
Minestrone - with everything!, fresh corn on the cob (SO good!), tomato feta  & basil salads with balsamic dressing, satay hokkien noodles with stir fried vegies,  zucchini slice,  pickled beetroot  and margherita pizzas made with roasted tomato passata and fresh oregano.

I'm off to pickle some more beetroot and make up a pot of chicken and sweetcorn soup.

Happy Monday :)


  1. I am envious. I have to say. Well done!! It looks like a great harvest.

  2. Its a good feeling bringing that basket inside isnt it?

  3. Awesome work! It's such a good feeling, isn't it!

  4. Christine you know that your blog is one of 'those' ones that I click on and I get excited goosebumps at just the thought that one day I could do that too.
    That bounty is awesome. You grew it, you harvested it and then you get to enjoy every morsel of it...that my girl, is really where it's at.

  5. Wonderful pic, Chris, so much bounty in your garden! Have fun playing with it all! :)

  6. What a blessed harvest! The Spring is still a bit away here in the cottage :(


  7. I can't wait to start planting out some veggies, but the weather has turned cold again so I think I'll hold off for a bit and in the meantime just enjoy your basket of beautiful vegetables.... what satisfaction that must bring to carry those in and smell that fresh fresh goodness!


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