Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Weekend!

A few pictures of what's been occupying my mind lately..

Four kilos of homegrown tomatoes from a fellow gardener, what to do with them?

What to do....?

The 11yo has started a roadside stand with her (my??) homegrown plants and today we placed some eggs out the front..they were gone in half an hour!! Her second customer has just driven away as I type..

Along with a bunch of fresh herbs and a strawberry plant and some more eggs (plus a tip! Who leaves a tip for eggs??), she has made herself $11.00 pocket money today! As you can imagine, she was positively beside herself with excitement!!

The plant stand - $2 a pot or two for $3.50

Would you believe that one of the ducks below is from the eggs that were hatched late last year?

It's so hard to tell the new one apart..I really struggle now!

A tunic top for the 9yo - very quick to put together (a little on the wrinkly side as it just came out of the wash).

McCalls Easy stitch'n'save - M6009

There is a bit of a ric-rac theme happening here lately...I confess to becoming addicted.

I've pulled out the knitting needles this week and started work on a 'Man Vest', but it's for no man...nope this one's for me!

This is the first time I've tried changing colours while knitting...I had always put it off thinking it was too complicated but it's actually really easy - just carry the different coloured yarns loosely up the sides..that's it!! See, easy! It's a good one to knit while watching telly in the evenings because I don't have to really look at what I'm doing.

Hope your weekend has been a good one! What's been happening in your world?  :)


  1. Ohhh great work with the stall! Those tomatoes look so red that they are almost hot pink on my monitor! I like this kind of filled with all sorts of goodness post, thanks Christine.

  2. Your weekend has made me smile.
    Rockin' tomatoes, endless possibilities there.
    Very exciting for the 11 year old, pocket money a plenty!
    And your "man vest", not chesthair?...No, didn't think so. Nothing I love better than a knitted vest. Mr Chocolate thinks I look a little nerdy, I think I look cool :-)
    Swimming, running, cake eating, chatting with a friend here...not bad at all.

  3. Loving the ric racked little tunic - sweet! Also can't wait to see the finished vest, those colours are so earthy and warm.

  4. Such wonderful photos. And congrats to the little saleswoman!

  5. I would make tomato salsa to start with and then I would make stuffed tomatoes, and then I might make a little sauce, and a bit of mozarelle and basil and tomato salad marinated in balsamic vinegar and then I would roast the ones that were left and make roast tomato passata and get Brian to bottle it.... but I have no tomatoes, and will not have any for many months, and we might get blight anyway.... no I shouldn't be negative... I'm going to grow Gardeners Delight this year :)

  6. Great post - love all those tomatoes - I'm guessing you'll make passata? Good to have a jnr. entrepeneur in the house with an egg stall! Gorgeous little tunic - wish I could sew. I can knit, but way too hot today to even contemplate.
    Cheers Wendy

  7. I adore the tunic -gorgeous patterned material. I think I need to knit myself a man-vest also. I like the colours!

  8. What a fabulous weekend. I just love super productive times like that.
    I have 'knitting envy'. Is that bad of me? The colour combinations are gorgeous and your knitting is so neat. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

  9. Oh my, those tomatoes look fabulous! What luck! I had tomato soup once from homegrown beauties, and it totally changed my opinion of this humble food. Jaw droppingly good. Also once made Moroccan tomato jam, with a dash of orange blossom water, which blew my mind. And that was from store tomatoes!
    I'm sure whatever you do will be fantastic.
    I wanted to let you know that even though I don't comment near so often as I should, I still read every post, and love the straightforward domestic-ness of your blog. Not pretentious or show off-y at all. Just the joy of everyday harvests and creations. Thanks for keepin' at it!

  10. I reckon I'd leave an 11 year old a tip for fresh eggs. Those tomatoes look fabulous, but what to do with them...ah..decisions, decisions.. :)

  11. Hmm, they did kind of take on their own colour, didn't they, Tammy! And you're welcome :)

    Chesthair, schmesthair! Not nerdy at all, totally cool, Brydie! Sounds like a blissful weekend around your parts too :)

    Thanks, Christie..hopefully the vest will keep me warm once Autumn arrives - colours or wool, I'm not fussy which does the job! :)

    Yes, she is quite the budding entrepeneur, Sue!

    Excellent suggestions, Jo. I would love to make a basil salad but our basil just didn't take off at all this year...*pout*. I haven't heard of Gardener's Delight - must look it up!! :)

    Yup, passata made it into the equation, Wendy, thanks to Jo's suggestion of a roasted one (yum!). Isn't it frustrating when the weather doesn't comply with our crafting desires!

    Faeryfay, the fabric was on sale for half price at Lincraft recently - so sweet. Nice to see others are interested in Man Vests too!

    Not bad of you at all, Bruise Mouse and the knitting's not neat at all - I struggle with getting an even tension..some rows are 'loopy' while others are ridiculously tight! :)

    Indeed what luck, M! You'll never believe it, but I actually made tomato jam with half of them yesterday! Pity I didn't see your comment about Morrocan jam, this sounds most delicious. Thanks for your kind words, it makes me happy to think of you out there, reading :)

    Yes, I suppose I was just being overly adult and cynical when I wrote that, Celia. So many decisions re. the tomatoes - too many!! :)

  12. Those tomatoes looks gorgeous. Glad you hear that you have been so creative with them. And I love reading the story of your 11 year old's stall. My kids have big plans for selling some of our honey and eggs at a stall at the top of our driveway. They have sometimes done a bit of "busking" a.k.a violin practice at the top of the driveway. Anything to get them to do their practise right? One time someone stopped their car and gave my 8 year old $5 which she was so incredibly excited about. She was stunned speechless over it! So I can imagine the excitement in your house over the tip for the eggs.


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