Monday, February 14, 2011

The February Garden - show & tell

It's been a bit of a while since I've posted some garden has really gone crazy in the last few weeks!

Our corn is cobbing up and we wait patiently for them to ripen. This bed also has some volunteer tomatoes and potatoes growing, along with nasturtiums and sunflowers (from the poultry grain).

Rhubarb is slowly getting bigger and stronger. This was a cutting from a friend's garden and apparently it only grows red stalks! It's pretty tasty, I have even found a rhubarb eating buddy in the youngest..she loves it!

Pumpkins are starting to form small fruit. The one above is actually a volunteer that popped up from the compost - no idea what variety it is...

Pumpkin - Qld Blue
 This little guy is a Queensland Blue pumpkin, which I have planted a couple of out the front in mounds to capture the majority of the sun.

The bean party - nothing like a bamboo trellis and some rain to get the action happening!
The beans I direct sowed in the fenced off vegie garden have really surprised me! It must've been the weather..we've never had luscious growing beans like this before..especially considering that they're growing right under some water hogging cyprus trees!

Dwarf butter bean, a dwarf purple variety and I could've sworn I planted some Blue Lakes, but I guess they're a little late coming to the party...

Zucchini - Gold Rush
Yellow Zucchinis are all systems go. We have been picking them for a couple of weeks now.

Potatoes in the greenhouse - the latest I've tried growing them...we'll see!
With my previous (and completely unexpected!) success with potatoes this year, I've decided to plant another bed in the hope of harvesting some in the colder months. This lot are in the greenhouse..not sure how well they'll cope once we have some frosts but a persons gotta try, right?

Tigerella tomatoes - a great all rounder!

And finnnallly, we have tomatoes-a-ripening! Again, mostly volunteers, which I'm not complaining about - they seem to be hardier and more vigorous than the pampered seedlings I always try to get going. These ones are Tigerellas - so abundant and a nice size too - not too big and not too small..good in a salad and also big enough to slice for sandwiches. Red fig tomatoes are also ripening, which look like a little bell, and slowly slowly the Romas are coming along..

What's happening in your patch this month?


  1. Your veggies are about the same stage as mine. I love February!

  2. Your garden looks very fruitful and so healthy and rhubarb is so yummy. My garden isn't very productive at the moment, only some herbs growing but I've got more patches and some seedlings waiting to plant so hopefully I'll have something yummy to eat soon.

  3. is so good to see this...Here in The States, we are still in the grips of Winter :(


  4. Wow - your beans look fantastic! Nice colour. Tonight we ate beans for the first time from our garden. Also cucumbers, corn and avocadoes. The tomatoes have a way to go. I live in south east qld. You sound very excited with your tomatoes. Can't say I blame you as they can be mighty finnicky.

  5. I love that you call them volunteers not strays! Mind you they all look super, but I'm really impressed with your rhubarb! Our are looking very sickly at the moment after all the rain.

  6. Your garden looks great! Every thing looks so green and lush. Tell me, do you have any possum problems?
    I've actually got garden happenings as well (surprisingly) rosemary, mint, blueberries, chilli all looking happy in their pots on the gas meter box, and capsicum, cucumber and tomato volunteers.

  7. Sigh..our patch is looking a little sad, the recent heatwave really knocked it for six. A new round of tomatoes has gone in, with new cucurbits to follow. Eggplant and basil still going strong. I'm loving your gorgeous plants, especially the all red rhubarb!! :)

  8. February would have to be one of my favourite months too, Hazel - vegies ripening, Autumn approaching..guess what? I saw our first mushroom the other day! A little field type growing in the grass.

    It feels like it's been such a long wait this year, dixie!

    Herbs sound great, Catherine. They were the first things to go into my garden and I think I'd be totally lost without them! :)

    Hope you get some spring sunshine soon, Maria.

    Hmm, the beans are nice to admire, TMKW. I love watching the purple ones change to green in the boiling water...freaky!!

    Ahh, how frustrating, duchess_declutter. We never ate rhubarb before we had it in the garden.. all that time of lost eating opportunities!

    You know what, B, it's funny you should ask because the last few nights we have heard 'thumping' on the roof and I noticed something had been munching on my tomatoes and strawberries. I don't mind too much so long as he leaves plenty for us and doesn't bring his friends around for a smorgasbord celebration! What a hive of activity your gas meter box is at the moment! ;)

    It must be wonderful to grow tomatoes year round, Celia, I would love that! We have one eggplant ripening at the moment..I'm so excited it's the first time I've grown one!! :)

  9. oh I love your garden posts. I have corn, tomatoes, yellow and green zucchinis, and capsicums growing at the moment. I don't know how to tell when corn is ready though?? This is my first attempt at growing vegetables...

  10. Wow your gardens look great! I'm just about to dig up and start again, I lost a lot in all the rain we had here in Qld lately :( I actually went seed shopping today and after seeing all your yummy vege's I'm once again very inspired and I shall be out digging tommorrow!
    I never new purple beans changed green when cooked, that explains why I have never seen a purple bean on a plate!

  11. Waiting for Spring here! Lovely to see your garden at full throttle - purple dwarf beans are one of my favourites :)

  12. Susan, I remember reading in my gardening book that when the corn stands out at a 45 degree angle to the stalk, has 'burnt' or 'singed' looking silks and when the juice inside the kernal runs a milky fluid then the cob is ready for picking. Hope this helps :)

    Have fun out there in the garden, Gooseberry Jam. Wouldn't it be great if the beans did stay purple, that I would love to see! :)

    Ahh, I do enjoy the arrival of Spring..hope you're enjoying every moment, Jo :)


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