The Bedsheet Dress and Hat

A week or so ago, a friend's daughter was having a birthday. I couldn't resist hacking *gasp* into my beloved bedsheet from when I was a small girl that mum still had in her cupboard! When my girls were younger I used to love making them little outfits and to be honest, I probably got more joy out of making the clothes than they ever got wearing them...although occassionally I would seem to strike a winner which would be in the wash basket every couple of days..

I wish the pictures were a little's been really overcast here lately, ahh well...

I couldn't decide on what colour trim to use and in the end took the 11yo with me to the shop where she chose bottle green rick-rack (kind of hard to see in the pic).

I was thinking it would be a stressful experience the moment  my scissors met the bedsheet of my childhood, but it was surprisingly liberating..kind of like shedding a skin not being used anymore. I'm so glad I've pulled it out for another life. I hope she likes it!


  1. This is so cute - I'm sure she will love it.
    Good to give our old things another life isn't it.

  2. that is so wonderful. What a gorgeous little outfit and what a fabulous way to repurpose your old bed linen. d I bet there is lots more left too.

  3. It really is a sweet bedsheet, I can understand how it must have been hard to cut it up. The dress and hat you made with it is just gorgeous and whenever you see it I'm sure it will make you smile. The ric rac is lovely, great choice. :)

  4. What a gorgeous little outfit! I love it with the ric rac.
    I found that sheet same sheet set still in its original packaging at an op shop a few months ago.

  5. Oh my goodness...that is one cute outfit...bedsheets are made with the softest thread count of any fabric out is almost like Indian cotton. :-)

    A great job!


  6. Holly Hobbie! You made a baby Holly Hobbie dress! Too cute, and beautiful workmanship, Chris! I can never get peter pan collars or ruffles to fit properly, I always end up squishing the last bit in.

  7. So sweet. I'll bet the little girl will look cute as a bugs ear in that outfit.
    Nothing better than giving something a new lease of life.

  8. The pattern you chose with that gorgeous wee hat suits Holly Hobby right down to the ground.. I think she will look adorable in it...

  9. Yep, it sure is, duchess - very satisfying!

    Oh, yes, LOTS more left to think of uses for, Hazel ;)

    Ahh, thank the 11yo for that choice, Catherine. She was most helpful after I had too-ed and fro-ed between every coloured and size of ric-rac in the shop! :)

    Oh, wow, Kate! What a find that must've been, and in the packaging too..Unbelievable! Lucky you!! Please, please post what becomes of it. :)

    Thankyou, window :)

    You're right, Maria, this one's super soft - I could almost rub my cheek against it all day!

    Ahh, thanks, Celia. You know I love it when you pop by after I've sewn something..I always find out the technical terms for additions on the garment..Peter Pan collars - I had NO idea that is what they were called! Thanks :)

    Haha, cute phrase, Brydie! So much fun to re-purpose something that's not being used anymore :)

    Thanks, Tonya :)

    Holly Hobby is a bit of a secret addiction of mine, Wendy..she's so sweet :)

  10. That is so sweet! Can you make one for me ? :) Love that your childhood sheets will bring delight to another child. I'm sure she'll treasure it knowing how lovingly it's been sourced and made!

  11. Oh Christine! Totally awesome, Stunning ensemble, I love it to bits : )

  12. Was so sad she grew our of this number, was a huge hit and well worn before passed on to another little girl. Thanks again for the delightful gift, just saw this picture at the end of your post.


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