The Vintage Sheet Picnic Blanket completed!

It's probably (ok, definitely!) not my best work, but after looking at it hanging over the back of the couch for what seems like fooorreeever, I'm just so glad it's finished! Maybe it will bring some picnic weather our way. Maybe? A person can always hope, can't they?

Made from the 12 1/2" squares from the Down to Earth sheet swap,  it is 7 squares long by 6 squares wide, which makes it approximately 84" x 72" (210cm x 183cm). It looked huge inside the lounge room but once I placed it outside on the grass, it suddenly seemed perfect picnic size!

Here are a couple of my favourite squares:

The top is backed with a bedspread that we no longer use. I took the easy way out and instead of binding it, sewed it wrong sides together along three sides and then turned it right side out and handstitched the open edge closed. To secure the two layers together, I 'tied' the blanket with crochet cotton at the intersections where the squares meet.

Because the bedspread is slightly padded, our new picnic blanky is really comfy! Everyone is looking forward to trying it out....


  1. Wonderfully picnicky! You are too clever... hope you get to use it soon.

  2. well done Christine. Did you give up on me doing part 2 of the tutorial? I was waiting for someone to have the top put together before I did it.
    Your blanket looks great, I use mine all of the time.

  3. Not at all, Sue. I knew things were busy and didn't want to place pressure on you. I am certain your tute will finish the blankys off so much better than what I managed to put together.

    Thanks, dixiebelle.

  4. Looks fantastic. Such a trip down memory lane with all those 70s and 80s sheet squares

  5. That looks fantastic. I hope you can use it real soon !!!
    Have a wonderful day.

  6. Now if that doesn't scream sangas cut into triangles, spilt drinks, and lazy afternoons, I don't know what would!
    Lovely, lovely, lovely...
    (ps. I've started my patchwork. Should be finished in 2030.)

  7. I love it! I hope the weather improves so you can use it.

  8. Great job Christine. My squares are still waiting for me in the sewing room :( Hope you get a sunny day soon.

  9. Fabulous patchwork! I am such a fan of anyone who does these, but I am so very bad at sewing and things with straight lines generally. You should see my tapestry, I always end up with rhomboid shaped cushions that have to be stretched endlessly before they can be made up. But that was a long time ago, I haven't stitched for years!

  10. Holly Hobbie! Yaaay! Everything old really is new again, Chris! Lovely work and gorgeous old cloths...

  11. The squares were so much fun to choose, Bee!

    Thanks, Monique too.

    You are too kind, Sonia.

    I'm hearing you, Brydie! I love a good picnic, hopefully made all the better with a comfy picnic blanket. I see you are on a tight schedule there with your craft..I will still be here waiting eagerly to see what you got up to. ;)

    Thanks, Rhonda! I hope so too :)

    Looking foward to seeing your blanket Lisa :)

    Ahh, rhomboid shaped items, these I know well, Jo! Most things knitted and crocheted by me end up like this...but yes, stretching is so very handy! This project was very forgiving as it is made up of only straight lines - good for beginners or returning sewers. ;)

    It really is, Celia, who knew? It was great fun to make :)


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