A very surprising potato harvest

I wanted to share some pics of the potatoes that have come our way recently. It was a gorgeous evening last night and after eating dinner outside, I found myself watering the veggie patch which is right next to the kitchen. Noticing a few potatoes near the surface, I pulled them up not wanting them to turn green by leaving them exposed to the sunlight. The thing was.. I kept finding them. Then the 7 year old came along..and then the 10 year old..pretty soon we were all covered in soil pulling up potatoes and filling a basket and then some.

7.5kg was unearthed from our little evening dig! There were also some very surprising potatoes in amongst the harvest....

It's obvious! It's attempting to self-clone!!

And there were more where that guy came from!

Yes, it DID have to be weighed!

Some of them were enormous..the biggest potatoes I've ever seen. Yes, I confess, the scales did come out. The biggest one weighed nearly half a kilo! (1 pound!). Amazing. I love Nature's gifts, however strange they may appear.

*I'll be away from the blog for a few days, spending some time with the family. I look forward to catching up on your posts when I return.  Have a good week! :o) *


  1. Brilliant!

    Have fun with the family - I never knew tatties could get so big.

    And with so many peedie (tiny) ones at the side, no wonder when you miss one, a billion appear the next year!

  2. Fantastic! We're just pulling out the last of our spuds now, they've been great eating, but nowhere near the size of yours! What variety are you growing?

  3. Now that is a lot of potatoes!
    I can dig that ;-)

  4. Wow! Puts my potato harvest to shame!

    Have a lovely time...

  5. I want baked potatoes now...You could feed a small country off of that one!

  6. What a whopper! I am going to use peedie...it is my new word. I thought I dug up all my taters last year but I had them come up in abundance in my 'no dig' garden so I didn't have to plant any. This year i am going to be very careful to find all the peedie ones because I don't want to grow potatoes in the same spot three years running.

  7. Awesome crop!! and totally individual. I feel a little let down that my crop now - I tried growing mine in an old eski this year to avoid the disappointment of underground bugs, but still they were unsuccessful. I'll try again next season.

  8. Wow! They are just amazing. I must certainly try growing some this year. These are inspiring.

  9. Thanks, Orkney..you are so right, they just multiply year after year!

    Ummmm...the mangy pantry potato surprise variety, Celia. Oh and some really old chitted potatoes from last year, Nicolas mostly I think :)

    Haha, cute, Brydie!

    They were a real surprise, Phoebe :)

    Thanks, dixiebelle..it was really relaxing :)

    Or one hungry family, City Sister...I like the small country fantasy better though!

    Peedie's a great word, isn't it Hazel! They always seem to pop up in the strangest places.I might try moving those peedie ones when they pop up next time...no good growing them in the same spot, eh :)

    Ooh, I like the old esky approach, Tamara. Good luck with your next try! ;)

    They are such fun to grow, Bruise Mouse..do give it a go :)

  10. Goodness...that is one mama of a potato!!

  11. Waw!! Your home grown potatoes look that they come from outer space!!

    Huge too! Good for you!!


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