Garden goings on.. Jan '11

Remember those strawberries  that were dug up and potted last year? Their new position along with all the recent rain seems to be agreeing with them. For the first time ever, we have tasted fresh, homegrown, juicy, ripe strawberries....soo good! It's always a race to see who finds them first..

Cabbage moth caterpillar is eating it's way through the garden having a most wonderful time in the process...
A few kale plants are the only brassicas I have growing at the moment and I keep picking off the bug infested leaves and throwing them to the chooks. I hope it hangs on until the cooler weather for some soups and stews....

Corn is thickening up on the stalks and the flower heads are forming inside..

The first zucchinis have been pollinated (by me! Ha!). Not long to go.....
Lebanese zucchini

The tomatoes are taking their time, but we are happy to wait......

The majority of our tomato plants this year are from 'volunteers' (those that come up of their own accord). I'm pretty excited to see what varieties we have growing!

Comfrey is flowering. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing. So long as the plant keeps growing leaves, I'll be happy, PLUS the flowers are so pretty!

...and self-sown sunflowers are popping up from the grain I feed the chooks in their dome tractor. I do enjoy their presence!

Currently we are harvesting potatoes, beetroot, raspberries, parsley, lettuce, spring onions, rhubarb and silverbeet. We are also enjoying the garlic the was harvested last month.

What's happing in your veggie garden/balcony/allotment at the moment?


  1. Wonderful! Our zuchini's could do with a helping hand too... all the single ladies are putting their hands up, but lacking in male flowers, or possible, bees??

  2. Sadly, as I live in the northern hemisphere all that's going on in my garden space is snow. But the seed catalogs are coming in nicely.

    Thanks so much for your pictures, they're inspiring.

  3. I think your first strawberry post was one of the first ones I had read from your blog. So lovely to see how they were getting on!
    Lots of gardening happenings for you!
    I have had two capsicum (I think) plants come up in my potted geranium hanging on a fence. That's a bit exciting, as I didn't plant them :-)

  4. Much the same is happening in our garden as is happening in yours! Waiting patiently for the tomatoes, peaches and nectarines to ripen and the corn to fatten, enjoying/ed lots of cherries, raspberries and strawberries and had my first banana chilli the other day, stuffed with homemade cream cheese and baked in the pizza oven! We are regularly eating rhubarb, spinach, carrots, beetroot, lots of herbs and zucchini at the moment. Man, I love summer in the garden!

  5. Lovely Chris! We have corn, cucumbers, rhubarb and eggplant at the moment - waiting for new tomatoes and broccoli to grow. Not had much luck with the zucchinis, nor the capsicums, but the beans are nearly ready. Oooh, and hopefully soon we'll have homegrown endamame! :)

  6. Love all the photos! I wish we had a strawberry bush in our garden! I have some cucumbers and zucchinis growing at the moment. Have had lots of flowers but nothing looking substantial at the moment. I have a couple of tomato plants too which have a few small tomatoes growing. I am getting excited!

  7. Great photos! I have 4 zucchini plants and currently 4 zucchinis almost ready for harvesting (already eaten two and they were great), Roma tomatoes are going nuts but haven't ripen yet (waiting for all this rain to go away in Melbourne & the sun to come out), my two capiscum plants are loving the humidity at the moment, strawberries going nuts, carrots & lettuce finally taken a hold as it took me two seed plantings out before anything happened (pesky little birds!!), corriander is hopefully not going to bolt so quickly this time, basil doing well but snow peas are at the end. Do you have a nice pesto recipe? I used one from a famous cookbook author and didn't like it? Cheers Rebecca

  8. Thanks for your photos Christine. I've been wondering what comfrey looks like because I've heard it's good for chooks. The flowers are pretty.

  9. Just read a recipe for dill pickled courgettes (zuchinni) and had a wistful desire for summer. Maybe all you southern hemi folk could make them for me? Strawbs too. Damn you're having a good time. Here the garlic I planted before Christmas is peeking out of the rain sodden earth, the wintersweet is just about to open its buds, and my red hammamolis is doing its best to show willing. There are winter flowering cherries setting out their wares on the streeet outside, and massses of sodden leaves, broken seed heads, frosted and rotting chard plants, a single row of leeklets, and many enthusiastically singing birds, dragging the reluctant early Spring into touch.

  10. That's frustrating, dixiebelle! I hope those male flowers appear soon..isn't it usually the other way around?

    Seed catalogues are my winter addiction, cgirlslife! Enjoy your reading :)

    That is very exciting, Brydie! Garden volunteers are so much fun! :)

    Sounds divine, Amy. Would love to see a pic of your pizza oven sometime :)

    Endamame? I do not know what this is! Do tell, Celia. Our beans have gone into overdrive at the up the poles ready to put out their first flowers. I tend to steer away from broccoli at this time of year because of the white cabbage moth..

    It's great growing your own, isn't it Susan! We feel like we are waiting more than harvesting at the moment too..hopefully soon!

    Hi Rebecca, your garden sounds great! Homegrown strawberries are delish!! I do have a pesto recipe up in the top tab under 'recipes'. I made some last year and it lasted for months in the fridge..I just kept adding a layer of olive oil over it after each use..we loved it! :)

    Yes, veggiegobbler, I've heard it's good for chooks too...although not too much at any one time. Who knew the flowers would be so attractive!

    Nice to hear your happenings, Jo. I haven't pickled courgettes dill style..must try that, although they did make a wonderful (prize winning) relish last year. Cherries on the street! You will be foraging in no time!! :)


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