Daydreams of a camping getaway...

This time of year always activates the camping bug in me. Without fail. I think it must be the fine weather and long days, the abundance of caravans out there on the road (where are they all going?), the lure of unseen places and adventures hiding just around the corner. This year I'm determined to get organised. It's always such a huge job to pack up camping gear that it kind of puts me off a little (ok, maybe a leetle more than a little!). If I can get as much as I can sorted out and placed in boxes beforehand, when the time comes I'm hoping it will be a simple task of loading the already packed boxes, tents and sleeping equipment making it easier to set off sooner!

The tent was heaved out of the garage (it's really heavy!! Ridiculously heavy!). I even went rummaging in the boat shed and found our old gazebo/annexe that was passed along to us by a relative when our eldest was a toddler..eek! It hasn't seen much (ok, any) use in all this time, but this could change (really, it could!). It makes a great little r'vandah, sorry verandah for sitting under in front of the tent. The girls being on school holidays, have moved in and made themselves at home. Oh, how we dined under that little r'vandah today for lunch. What must've the passing drivers thought as they drove on by? Why, a family that prefers not to go away, rather choosing to 'camp' on their own front lawn? Oh, yes, that's us. The stay at home campers. At least at the moment, anyway. I still have much organising to do.

The next plan is to have a large, see-through box for kitchen utensils, another for bathroom/first aid thingys and one more for miscellaneous, always needed items like torches, matches, pegs, ropes, spare tent pegs...etc. The boxes would be stocked with a complete set of items, just for camping and able to be loaded into the trailer at a drop of a hat. That's my plan anyway. And who am I to shrug off the camping bug when it comes to visit?

Do you camp? How do you camp? (van? tent? beach? bush? etc).  What tips/tricks do you have that make life easier?


  1. Aaah Christine, camping is a favorite past time for us. We normally take 3 weeks in March and camp at a seaside site. We do this when everyone is back at school and we have the whole site to ourselves mon - fri.

    Never done it in our front yard though - sounds like fun!

    We keep a seperate set of all eating stuff in army crates, we keep all our good labelled and indexed in the boxes stacked in our garage. Makes it a whole lot simpler, but there are always odds and ends to get before a trip.

  2. We lived a whole year in an old troop carrier 4wd with a queensize bed in the back and flyscreens on the windows. We towed a closed in trailer behind that was our food/cooker supply. With an awning off the side we were set. We travelled the NT and the Kimberley.

    We're looking at camper Kombis now...

  3. We used to go camping all the time when I was a child and it was fantastic. I would love to start it up again, but it does involve a lot of preparation and stuff. It's hard when you have a dog as well..

  4. We used to camp all the time until Pampa's knees and hips made it hard for him to get up and down. We miss it terribly.
    All our camping gear was kept in a trailer, in the garage. Pampa adapted it with a locker for the gas and fitted a car roof box to the lid of the trailer. All we needed to do for a trip was put our bedding and clothes in the box, food in the car and we could be off in an hour. Best times ever.

  5. I want to do some camping too, but thought we might start off in a cabin, then graduate to tents after that! We need to get ALL our gear though, must start looking at garage sales, online classifieds etc. I'd like an old style canvas tent, but my, wouldn't that be heavy!

  6. One tip that I've found helpful is to keep a list of supplies and perishable foodstuffs at the top of one of our camping totes. This way I have a checklist of things to take that aren't in the totes. (And no more leaving behind essentials. Like bread. Or towels. ;)

  7. Sigh...I so don't camp. I figure home is like a four-star hotel, so I'm not going to enjoy myself in anything less. Probably the main reason is that I'm live mosquito-bait - pack lots of repellent! :)

    Seriously, I don't mean to be a wet blanket, have a wonderful time - even if it's just camping on the front lawn (which frankly, sounds very pleasant to me - flushing toilet, hot shower etc). :)

  8. If I had a front lawn I would happily be sleeping out there in a tent. Nothing better than sleeping in the open-ish air!
    Camping, we haven't gone since The Monkeys were born. It's only now the idea seems managable...maybe. We have to get a bigger tent too, and nooo where to store it.
    Happy Camping Christine!

  9. 3 weeks! That sounds lovely, Wendy. Thanks for the tips. :)

    Your trip sounds amazing, Sonya. What a way to see the country. Would've loved a camper Kombi (I don't think we'd all fit in one now!)..good luck with your search. :)

    You're not wrong about the preparation, Susan! Travelling with a dog is not something we've done. I imagine not all places would be suitable for dogs..

    That sounds great, Pippa :) You must've made some great memories with your trips.

    Dixie, we hadn't camped until recently since before kids. Aside from a cooker stove, we had to get all our gear from scratch. Ebay is great for tents which is where I found ours. Also I went shopping at the op shop yesterday for kitchen odds and ends for the kitchen box. Very cheap. Canvas tents are supposed to be lovely and warm in cold weather. :)

    That's clever thinking, Firefly Mom. Not talking from experience at all are you? Noo, I didn't think so! ;)

    I see where your're coming from, Celia. The world would be a very boring place if we were all the same! Camping these days for me (and kids) does involve hot/cold running water. It's amazing how much camping parks offer...some of them are almost resort like!

    So long as the mozzies are kept at bay, Brydie! Ideally a campfire to gather around but that's just being fussy isn't it? It is such a mammoth job of organisation, but one I think the kids will enjoy looking back on when they are older.. Great character building, life skills and all that. :)

  10. Oh I love camping and I too always have urges to camp aorund this time of year - we generally start to plan now (in fact that's what we're doing right now - thinking about Apollo Bay) and go at the end of March when it's still daylight savings but not likely to be so hot and the school hols are over. We keep all of our camping gear in a covered trailer (and have those big clear boxes on wheels for everything that will fit in one) but there is still lots of checking and packing to do (this is why I won't go camping for less than 5 days - the work is the same as for 5 weeks!). The best thing I've ever done is start a packing list on computer and keep it updated each time we go. I print it out and double tick every item - once for making sure we've got the item and again once it's actually in the trailer or car.

  11. Hi Sarah, I like the idea of having a list in the computer. This would be very handy..I was even thinking of putting a little 'inventory list' in each box, to know what's meant to be in there..both for leaving and coming home. It's funny how we aspire to travel over the border - we used to go up to the Murray river and I used to know people who loved going to Robe. Enjoy your planning and Apollo Bay or elsewhere! :)


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