We have raspberries!

Oh, yes! We do!

Several, in fact....


The tallest canes are taller than me!

In a bowl of cereal, in a smoothie, with yoghurt or ice-cream, in a tart, or on their own...

....nothing compares to picking them fresh, ripe and juicily delicious!

It feels like I've waited soooo long for them I can't help but celebrate their arrival!


  1. Lucky you! They look so delicious. I am waiting ever so patiently for my very first raspberries to hurry up and ripen. Feels like they are taking forever. Enjoy!

  2. yippee!!!! We don't:(
    but we do have loganberries

  3. Ooooh yum fresh home-grown raspberries! They look fantastic. My mouth is watering!

  4. That's wonderful! Love raspberries. Today my daughter made strawberry jam from our own fruit, such a good feeling.

  5. Luckey you! We are using the last of ours in the freezer - I've ordered some plants for the new house - I love them!

  6. Hooray!!! I hope you get heaps - plenty for jamming and eating!

  7. mmmmmmmm raspberries are YUMMO! we experienced our first fruits here at the creek about two weeks ago - and now they are starting to really bear heavily (double and triple yummo!!!!)

  8. Oh yum! fresh raspberries how lucky are you.

  9. Yum Christine, you lucky thing! I'm thinking... Raspberry jam drizzled on a dark chocolate tart :-)

  10. As someone buried in snow, may I just say: Jealousy, jealousy,jealousy!!! Oh, and they look fantastic!!

  11. What lovely pink promises you have there - raspberries are so fragile - I love them fresh from the canes like that with a dusting of sugar and a swoosh of cream. I like them in summer pudding too and in sorbets ah summer - a twinkle in my eye -

  12. Thankyou all. The first ones ever harvested are the tastiest, Sharon :)

    Oh, lovely Sue. Our loganberries are not ripe yet...a bit shady I think.

    If I could send you some, I would Jay!

    Ahh, homegrown straberry jam, made by your daughter, Wendy! Life doesn't get much better than that...lucky you!

    We've been freezing them too, Orkney. Looking forward to pondering over what to put them in. We also have a thornless variety..it's lovely for harvesting - no prickles! Perhaps you have some too?

    Ha, thanks, Celia. At the moment it's eating first, then freezing. Jamming will have to wait until we see if we have enough :)

    It must be all the rain, Ronnie- such a good season!

    They are really good, Debbie, and yes, I feel extremely lucky :) I saw how much they were in the shop the other day and nearly fell over!

    Oh yes, oh yes, keep talking Brydie! *nods vigorously*

    Oh, Sue, snow! We didn't get any this year.

    Jo, they are so delicate it's a pleasure to eat them ripened to perfection on the cane. I haven't made summer pudding but have been tempted to for some time....maybe this summer, lol!


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