Spent calendulas and a comfrey tea update....

Helloooo there, 101st follower! I never thought that 101 people could ever possibly be interested in my scattered (sometimes wine induced) ramblings, and to be honest I keep this blog as a record for myself and a little outlet from everyday life. Nevertheless, I am overjoyed that there are people reading out there and am usually just to shy to say it, but HI, and welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here :)

So...today I have an update on the mysterious comfrey tea that I started to brew a couple of weeks ago.  First though, calendulas, or rather spent calendulas and just what exactly to do with them when they are still being generous as ever but the space is really needed for something else.....!

Our calendulas were grown in a double row in a bed just over 3 metres long. They provided so many blooms for months and months but the space was needed for some climbing beans. All of the plants (which were showing signs of age, at no expense to the flowers), were pulled up and filled a wheelbarrow generously.

I had thought I would pass them through our little shredder but this proved to be virtually impossible so chose the lawnmower instead.

It made light work out of mulching them up finely.

The same wheelbarrow of plants, significantly reduced in size after shredding.....

Then into a circular vegetable garden bed they went, to be turned and distributed by our feathered workers.

I'm hoping that as they break down they will act as a natural pest repellant to control nematodes, which Sonya  has written about here.

And now to the comfrey tea.  I had been checking the leaves daily and noticed that they stayed in tact for some time and then virtually overnight they seemed to break apart and start rotting! Really fast!

 Not quite a black liquid yet but it's getting there, and there are still some leafy particles that I want to break down a little more until virtually disintigrated. Maybe a couple more weeks? Oh, and the smell is not that bad...Ok, it's bad, but not that bad.......not when it is compared to the rotten eggs the duck had been sitting on!


  1. I was going to make some comfrey tea this weekend, sadly my DH mowed over it all last weekend so now I'll have to wait until it shoots again. Lucky it doesn't take long for that to happen.

  2. I made comfrey tea last year, from a bag of leaves I bought back on the plane after a visit to my in-laws! Yes, I'm that person who brings weird things on planes... haha.
    Anyway, it was magic stuff. Stinky as a stinky thing but worth it! My peppers and tomatoes loved it!

  3. Your chickens look like my chickens!! That photo made me happy.. :)

  4. Oh, no, Sue - don't you hate it when that happens! Hubby did the exact same thing on the weekend to some baby currant plants I had only put in a few weeks earlier! Hope your comfrey springs back to life quickly :)

    Ah, Amy, a like-minded soul! Whenever we take a long drive to the beach, I always insist on squeezing a smelly bag of seaweed in the back on the way home! Great to hear your plants responded well to the tea :)

    Haha, yep, they are very alike, Celia! :)


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