A soggy start to Summer....

It's been raining so much here lately. It just keeps coming - I don't know where from! And it comes down hard. It is so frustrating when we get stuck in it. And so frustrating not getting the washing dry....or being able to duck out and pick a few herbs because it's bucketing down...again! I don't know how people in tropical climates cope!

I have lived most of my adult life on rural properties and at times have depended on the rain for our water. We do respect and value the rain but it has gotten to the point where enough is enough, the ground cannot absorb any more moisture....

Our dam has overflowed for the first time since we have been here.....

Yup, it's full alright! It won't hold anymore.....

Over winter we had a river running through our property...now we have three! One comes from the overflowing dam, and the other two fork out from the rapids that travel down from further up hill. Naturally this flows into our neighbour's already overflowing dam!

Thank goodness we aren't using the fire anymore as I don't think I could cope with heaving a wheelbarrow through this slosh everyday!

The ducks were ecstatic with the recent downpours but I noticed that even they were looking a little bored in another shower today...

They seem to enjoy the temporary streams a whole lot better....

What better place to clean off?

Our mama duck is happy to be wandering around again after her eggs hatched a week ago.

There are only two ducklings in this picture as unfortunately we had a nasty bout of fox visits, losing 3 ducklings (!) sob, and our two most recent ducks. It gutted me at first but I have come to realise that if we choose to keep animals then this is a risk we take. They could be locked up in cages all the time, but what sort of life would that be? And I could never be as good a mother to those little ducklings as the mama is, so will choose her to raise them anyday. I am learning so much from her, it's very humbling!

The goats have soggy feet. They don't like it! Their paddock is on a slope but it's still so wet. I feel so sorry for them. They take turns lounging on the big tree stump right at the top of the slope that we have started calling their 'couch'. It looks so uncomfortable but they adore it!

They are keeping on top of the grass in their section, although right on the other side of the fence the grass is out of control! If it stopped raining for long enough, hubby could get in there with the lawnmower (actually, I think it's a brushcutter job now....).

One good thing about the rain is that it has made the garden go beserk! These are some gifted kipfler potatoes that were really suspect when I planted them. Their position and the rain seems to be agreeing with them though.....

I haven't grown kipflers before, so am pretty excited.

There is also lettuce, lettuce, everywhere!! Everywhere!

I never tire of salad with a meal - there is just so much you can do with it!

And this is the view looking down at four of our circular garden beds...

A chaotic mixture of volunteer tomatoes, rhubarb, kale, potatoes, lavender, sage, flowering alliums, Californian poppies, flatleaf parsley, and silverbeet.


  1. The ducks look like they are having fun - hope the rain stopped eventually!

    Love the volunteer crops and the lettuce looks yum - agree - never tire of it for a meal.

  2. Wet here too, Chris. Your property looks like it's thriving a bit in the rain - love the full "lake" and all the happy livestock! How sad that the fox got some of your baby ducklings, though as you say, there really isn't a whole lot you can do about it.. :(

  3. I love the photo of the duck having a splash in the water. That is sad about the fox taking the babies. My poor mum lost all her chooks to a fox, sneaky, sly things they can be.
    Soggy here as well. I'm running out of places to dry clothes.

  4. Oh I hear you with the Rain Christine! While we don't have an overflowing dam, our backyard is a big puddle and I have had to go out and dig channels under the fences in the rain to let some of it run off. The ACT water supply Dam's are all at 100 % capacity for the first time in over a decade.

  5. Even though we are by a creek luckily our land isn't boggy. You look like you are living on a bog. Too soon we will be complaining about the heat and the flies again. LOL.

  6. Those goats are just too cute, but the ducklings are giving them a run for their money!

    Thank you for giving me glimpses into country life!

  7. Today was much better, Orkney - there was even sun *gasp*! The volunteers are great, aren't they!

    Nup, it's the ever-present food chain at work, Celia. At times I see the ducks eating our beautiful frogs and cringe at the sight... no escaping the food chain at work...

    Hubby saw the duck doing that exact same thing today, Brydie and didn't know what it was doing!! He was flabbergasted (sp?)! So sad for your mum, they are all around at the moment, sneaky creatures.

    Oh, no Tammy. It's so frustrating when there's nowhere for the water to go! As for the dams - 100%? Wow!! That's extraordinary!

    It is a bit of a bog, Hazel. Whether it's rain and slosh or heat and flies we'll always find something to whinge about, lol!

    Oh, dixie, you should've seen the goats when they were little, especially the white one (Muffin)...now she was cuteness in a bundle of fur!!! It is a hard call between them and you are very welcome! :)

  8. It is the same herein Canberra - we are so grateful for the rain, but really - time for a break now! The chooks agree too, there is no where dry for their dust bath.


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