Macadamia & Chocolate Chip Biscotti

Who doesn't love biscotti? I admit I have a fondness for the dry, hard biscuit but had never actually got around to making any. Combine that with the tempting pictures posted by Celia,  and this little biscotti-lover just had to get baking!

Original version with macadamias and milk chocolate pieces

I used the recipe  kindly shared by Celia and my inclusions were: 1 cup macadamias and 1 cup of choc-chips for the first batch.....

Chocolate version with macadamias and white chocolate pieces

.....and for the chocolate variation/second batch, 1 cup of macadamias and 1 cup of white chocolate chips. Yummy!

Packaged  up with a nice ribbon, they made sweet gifts for our daughters' teachers. With some positive feedback today, I'm relieved to say that they weren't mistaken for stale cookies, thank goodness!! (I was a bit worried, ok!). And for an entertaining account on figuring out the complexities of eating biscotti for the first time, hop on over to Brydie's  and have a read of her biscotti post.


  1. I'm doing a little happy dance over here, Chris, thank you! :) I always worry people are going to think they're too hard too! Thanks so much for trying out the recipe! xxx

  2. Ah thanks for the link back Christine!
    Yours look delicious. Biscotti are the best presents to give people as it can be made in advance and there is none of that last minute flutter.

  3. Oh my these look so nice Christine. I have never thought to make it even. I have only eaten store bought, but after seeing yours, I could be inspired.

  4. It was really well written, Celia and I followed it exactly (rare for me to do), and it turned out great! Thankyou :)

    They were pretty tasty, Hazel..except all gone now :(

    Absolutely, Brydie - so easy to prepare ahead of time!

    So much nicer homemade, Wendy - and easy too! You'd pull them off, no trouble at all :)


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