Boxing Day '10

Silverbeet/ruby chard and spring onions

Flowering potatoes

Man v's Reeds?

Uncoordinated fun

Climbing beans - Blue Lake

Lavender - Munstead

Another year older...


  1. Are you telling us that you are four years old, are they representative candles only, or was it someone else's birthday? Suddenly my veggies have taken off and I too am about to do a veggie round up. Isn't it great!

  2. Happy Birthday! Was it yours, Chris? LOVE the garden photos!

  3. Ha! Yep, that's me, four years old...or five, according to the candles on the cake, lol! Yes, it was my birthday, my daughter made the cake (and put the candles on!), I was happy to take it as it came. :) Great about the veggies, Hazel, will have to hop over and have a look!

    Thanks, Celia! The garden is amazing at the moment...the weather's still quite cold but everything is bursting into life from the recent rains ;)

  4. Happy birthday, and my how your garden is growing! Wish mine were. Particularly love your beans and trellis for them...

  5. Now you are five! How lovely! Many Happy Returns of the day! Looking at your photos so full of summery life and joy brings many smiles - thank you!

  6. Christine Happy Birthday! I would sing to you, but you wouldn't hear me through the computer :-)
    Your cake looks I can't wait until my Monkeys can produce things like that!
    Loving your garden.

  7. Thanks ladies! The trellis was a simple set up of bamboo canes, Dixiebelle - I'm amazed it's still holding up!

    Yes, five Jo! I've been told I'm wise beyond my years ;) I'm pleased my modest pics bring you smiles.

    Keep training them up the way you are Brydie and they won't disappoint!! You are already on the right path :)

    Thanks, Tammy!


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