Rainy Weekend







  1. Non-mildewy peas! Please reveal your secret variety! :)

    Our leeks look like yours - I love the big bottoms they get before they bulb off. They taste just like leeks, but I think somehow they're a cross between leeks, spring onions and onion weed.. ;-)

    And I looked at your first photo and thought.."Oh the lake is full, and the lakehouse looks so lovely.." hahaha..

  2. I was going to comment on the lovely looking garlic but I see Celia has called them leeks! All looks lovely and fresh. Yummy!

  3. Thanks, ladies :)

    Ummm, no secret variety - at least I don't think, Celia. They were Greenfeast I think. It's weird though, one side in the greenhouse has perfectly healthy peas, while the other side has all succombed to mildew. Odd. And yes, those leeks are so resiliant they must be related to onion grass, ha!!

    Yep, spice, leeks all the way. (Although I suspect the garlic isn't too far off harvesting...). Thankyou :)

  4. A great post in pictures & with less words,..When I read it I was in suspens,...!!

    Great produce & lovely pictures too, my friend!

  5. All those lovely produce pictures have cheered me up this morning! The rain has swept in here along with a high wind for the day. No sign of my garlic peeking out of the soil yet, but I only planted it a couple of weeks ago :)

  6. Oh, Sophie, I didn't mean to put you in suspense!! Thankyou :)

    Ahh, the wind, I can cope with pretty much anything nature throws at me except the wind, Jo! I am sure your garlic is steadily on it's way up, it always seems to take ages, doesn't it, especially when you're there tapping your feet, waiting for it. My garlic has all flopped over but hasn't really yellowed on the leaves yet...must go and look up what to do - to harvest or not to harvest :)


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