Garden Fresh Nori Rolls

With the weather warming up, we've been finding ourselves eating lighter meals. It's actually a very refreshing change to the heavy winter meals and (thigh-loving!) hot desserts. Sushi rolls have made a comeback in our kitchen, having been absent for quite some time. They're so easy to bring together and are surprisingly filling. If the rice has been cooked mid-afternoon, there will be enough time to allow it to cool, make the rolls and then refrigerate them in time for an early evening dinner...preferably outside soaking up the beautiful residual warmth of the day!

The nori roll - an easy, healthy meal
The most enjoyable part of making them is foraging in the garden for bits and pieces to go in them! I had forgotten that all our capsicums had been used up in a pizza making session, so chose carrots from the garden to go in their place. I also picked some fresh, self-sown lettuce and was thinking about some calendula petals but completely forgot about them as I strolled through the garden (so easy to do!), so will have to remember them for next time.

The capsicum substitute - young, sweet and crisp!

Sushi Rolls (makes 5-6 logs or 30-36 pieces)
500g short grain rice, cooked and cooled
1 tbs sushi vinegar
selection of fillings: smoked salmon, tuna, thinly sliced vegetables - lettuce, rocket, silverbeet (young), beetroot leaves, capsicum, grated carrot, cucumber, avocado etc.
nori (seaweed sheets)
wasabi, if you like it hot

Mix the sushi vinegar into the cooled, cooked rice. Onto a bamboo rolling mat, place the nori sheet shiny side down. Place a thin layer of the cooked rice over the sheet, wetting hands as needed to prevent the rice from sticking too much (it's really sticky!). Leave a space of about 1 inch at the top of the seaweed for sealing the roll later on.

Onto the rice layer, place filling ingredients in a horizontal line, being careful not to overload - this could make rolling it a little trickier. Less is more! Add the wasabi if you are so inclined. (I was so inclined).

Remember to leave a space at the top for sealing the roll!
Using the bamboo mat, carefully roll the nori and filling tightly together, being sure to press firmly on the leftover edge of nori at the top of the sheet to seal. If too much filling has been placed on, now is the time where it will be impossible to roll! Call this a practice one and remember to not be so heavy handed with the next one.

Once rolled, place the 'log' into a dish to await the arrival of the rest of the logs. When all the fillings have been turned into logs, cover them and place in the fridge for 1-2 hours to chill...

....and then slice into portions. Each log will yield six pieces. Wet the knife if it is sticking (although it shouldn't - at least not too much). 

The cooked rice always reminds me of jewels and the filling as the gems!
Serve as they are or with some dipping sauces, eg. soy or sweet chilli. Bask in the knowledge that they are just as healthy for you as they are tasty!


  1. Ooh another sushi lover! Wasabi for me...and a little kikkoman.

  2. Wasabi for me too. Nothing quite like blowing your head off. The Monkeys go crazy for these. They fight like two seagulls to get to the last ones.

  3. They look fantastic! We have carrots that look just like that! :) When we make something like this, we might also add an omelette and some Japanese or Swiss mayo - works brilliantly with the smoked salmon.

  4. nom nom nom!

    The lady who taught me to make sushi (who makes the best sushi ever) always wraps her bamboo mat in cling wrap as it is really difficult to clean properly -and dry! I've had a couple go mouldy here in the QLD humidity. I'm sure this could be adapted to use something reusable to cover it - like oil cloth or somthing along those lines :)

  5. Lovely, Wendy :)

    That's nice to hear, Brydie. I can just imagine the chaos! :)

    Oooh, I like the idea of an omelette, Celia and the mayo sounds really good.

    That's interesting, Bianca. I know I have to really examine it when cleaning to make sure every last bit of rice is out...a good idea to use something to cover the mat. :)


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