At my place....

At my place, I have been pulling up garlic! It had all flopped over and the leaves starting to yellow - I wanted to leave them for a while longer but having all flopped over, I figured they wouldn't be doing much more growing, so excavated around a couple - saw they had formed cloves and started pulling them up.....

This basket is from one small bed. There is one more bed to be harvested....

At my place we have a super sturdy pair of  Fig Jam & Lime Cordial oven gloves from the very thoughtful Celia.

They have already been christened and I'm looking forward to doing much more baking with them...

My vintage fabric squares also arrived from the Down to Earth swap, put together by the very organised Sue.

 I'm really happy with the selection which will go wonderfully with some of my own fabrics. There are even a couple of Holly Hobby prints hiding in amongst there!

I'm really itching to get the squares sewn together to make a picnic blanky, especially since we are off to the beach soon and I think it would be great to picnic with on the sand! :)

At my place, there is a bale of barley straw in our dam. This will apparently keep the algae under control during the warmer months.....

Fingers crossed!

There is also an environmentally friendly toothbrush from dear Brydie  and her giveaway.....

....what a classy little number! Thanks, Brydie!

Lastly, at my place, the sage is in flower which the bees absolutely adore.....

......and so do I!

What's going on at your place?


  1. Ha! Your post reminds me I've yet to PLANT garlic, oops. And we got our first snow last night so picnics on the beach are not in the cards for another 6 months. =) Those gloves are GORgeous.

  2. Hi Christine, I've just been doing some reading of your blog now that I have a minute to pause and breathe. Things look busy and lovely as always at your place :)

  3. At my place, I'm working on a biscotti recipe! :)

    Our garlic hasn't formed bulbs!!! I don't know what we've done wrong - it's all leaves, starting to go yellow, but doesn't seem to be any bulbs on the bottom of them. Maybe they didn't get cold enough, but the neighbours are all fine. We might wait a bit longer - do the leaves all have to go yellow and flop over, Chris? Thanks...

  4. Your garlic looks fabulous. I am so envious. I grew some in pots for the first time this year, and they were disappointingly small. Still Iused them in cooking.

  5. I am patiently waiting to pull our garlic, it's nearly there, maybe I'll pull one up and have a look.
    I couldn't resist popping in the holly hobby fabric, if you want more, let me know, I have a large sheet of it.

  6. There is still chard in the garden here, the woodpigeon is still attacking the chinese broccoli, all four little plants, but we did have one fine meal from them a couple of weeks ago. - Your garlic looks excellent! Would love to be going to a warm Aussie beach right now!

  7. I dug our garlic up yesterday too. Its lovely to have our own garlic. I will have to take some pictures and post them too. my garlic is mostly a pink variety. Very pretty.

  8. Our garlic is still going, but shouldn't be too long. I am going plant a big batch in February thanks to one of my friends ordering in bulk.Pumpkins are starting to put out tendrils and two tropical apples planted today.
    Love hearing about your garden.

  9. My garlic is coming out now too. Such a treat! So nothing like the dried up Chinese stuff in supermarkets. Always amazes me the humbleness of the things that are totally different out of the garden - garlic, potatoes, peas, tomatoes....

  10. Ooh, first snow, already Bio? Maybe no picnics on the beach, but LOTS of hot chocolates inside by the fire? The gloves are great!

    Thanks, Tammy, I know things have been busy for you lately. Glad you're finding time to breathe. :)

    ooh, biscotti Celia, yum!
    Hmmm, about your garlic, I had this trouble last year (and some plants this year). The only thing I did differently this year was place them in a bed that had HEAPS of organic matter added and fed them well, kept them moist and they were also in a sunnier spot than my last attempt. Most of them bulbed up, even if some of them were small. The 'single cloved' bulbs can still be used, frustrating that it is that they didn't divide! Don't wait for all the leaves to yellow - just a couple, with 4-5 leaves still green, then pull.... :)

    Yup, mangocheeks, we've had some piddly ones in the past too. They're still as tasty as their big cousins, it's just so annoying about their size!

    Thanks, Sue, I really like the fabric! The holly hobby one is just too cute! :)

    What a cheeky woodpigeon you have there, Jo! We are battling the white cabbage moth caterpillar at the moment. DOn't you just love the way chard always seems to be around! :)

    ooh, a pink variety Anne? Sounds lovely! Must keep my eyes out for that one. :)

    Your pumpkins are way ahead of ours, Kimmy. It just feels like such a late start to the warm weather this year for us. The tropical apples sound intriguing.

    SO wonderful to finally have homegrown garlic again, Linda! I used some for the first time yesterday on a herb and garlic foccacia. I had heard that the bleached garlic from China is sprayed with nasty chemicals..? Nothing beats the flavour and freshness from your own garden!! :)

  11. Garlic, garlic, garlic... I will stop my self from jumping on my box and having a lovely big rant (for the moment ;-), enjoy all that gorgeous garlic you have grown. It's gold, garlic gold.
    Patch work picnic blanket was what I am thinking as a first try. All your fabric looks lovely.
    ...and glad you like your toothbrush!

  12. Very impressive looking garlic. And yes, you are right, nothing beats the flavour of good garlic. Lucky you...enjoy!
    In my garden the most exciting thing is my two asparagus crowns which send up a shoot of asparagus each day. They are skinny but delicious. Guess they will fatten up as the plant matures. very exciting to see though!

  13. Thanks, ladies :) I'm hearing your garlic rant even though you're not voicing it, Brydie! I know, I know!!

    The sage is so pretty in bloom, faeryfay. It would have to be one of my favourites in the garden!

    oh, enjoy your asparagus, Spice - so lovely fresh from the garden. Ours isn't big enough to harvest yet...maybe next year :)


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