Vintage Sheets

Vintage sheets have been creeping their way into our house lately. I have a friend who keeps a lookout in opp shops for them and we have been known to share our finds.  Pillowcases are also a favourite too. And you wouldn't believe it, but my mum still had some of my old bedspreads in her linen cupboard from when I was a young girl!

They make lovely cool, summery dresses, skirts and tops for young girls. And perhaps big girls too!

Not to mention bags!


These 12 1/2" squares are destined for a vintage sheet swap over at Down to Earth forum to make a picnic/beach blanky. I'm very excited!

And this is my favourite that I can't bare to cut up yet. My bedspread. Just as I remember it!

What would you do with such a find?


  1. Was that a Holly Hobby bedsheet? I think I'm showing my age.. :)

  2. I loved Holly Hobby when I was a little girl! And I love vintage sheets too! I have used them to make p.j. pants for myself and my girls! Flannelette sheets make great winter p.j. pants!!! I have also made a very simple blanket from thrifted/vintage sheets!! The list is endless when it comes to vintage sheets!!

  3. Such lovely materials and gorgeous patterns. It's funny, I've been browsing Etsy this afternoon for vintage fabrics :)

  4. Oh wow Holly Hobby, I so love that sheet.. I haven't seen her in absolute years... the options are endless... if there was a wee off cut, I would be tempted to pop it into a picture frame for a wee girls room

  5. I looove retro sheets. Your bedspread looks familiar to me too, but what to do with it?...quilt it? But that means cutting it up...using it as is? I recently got some 60's flower ones, not sure what I will do with them yet.

  6. It just shows it pays never to throw things out!!! I'm thrilled they might be put to some new use. Mum

  7. Holly Hobby! That has really brought back memories.
    Thanks Christine.

  8. Oh yes, Celia, I believe it was! :)

    Wonderful, Sharon! Great ideas there. I made a pair of flanny pj pants for my daughter and she wears them non-stop! :)

    Thanks, Amanda. What a coincedence!

    That's a really sweet thought, Wendy :)

    Hmmm, I had thought to make some sort of quilt, Brydie - the little pictures could be used in a special 'feature' square. Only problem is...there are soooo many patterns to choose from! Would love a peek at your retro sheets sometime ;)

    Thanks, Mum! I'm so pleased you still had them after all this time. :)

    You're welcome, Veggiegobbler! Isn't she such a blast from the past!! :)

  9. We never had sheets with anything on them at all. I think I missed out on some serious fun :)

  10. Oh those sheets, just so fabulous! I always keep an eye out too but I think in my neck of the woods, other people beat me to it. I'd be making a picnic rug with those ones just as you suggested... Perfect.

  11. What lovely & coloured fab sheets of fabric. Maybe , I would make place mats!

  12. Oh, poor Jo! I wish I could have shared my pictured sheets with you. It's how I got myself to sleep sometimes, looking at all of the designs, wondering what they were up to..:)

    Gina, I think for every sheet found, there were four unsuccessful searches. Not that it's really searching, it's always a pleasure to go on a little crawl, successful or not!
    Glad to hear you would make a picnic blanky is certainly the season for one, isn't it! :O)

    Placemats! Wonderful, Sophie. I could just imagine them in your kitchen ;)


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