Sneezy season in the garden...

There are a gazillion things to get done in the garden at the moment. The weather is glorious and we have had some fantastic rain. Only problem is, I want to pull my nose off. I don't lie - I thought I had escaped the sneezy season symptoms, smugly nodding sympathetically when others told of their allergy woes. Alas, it hit me over the weekend with a vengeance. It doesn't hold back. The nose drips like a tap and I want to claw my eyes out. Medication is a laughable teaser, offering no relief. Ugh! I hope it passes soon...

Meanwhile, I have still been attending to my long list of garden jobs, just in a sniffling, sneezing style:

The duck is actually sitting. One really has to admire her, giving it such a good try. I don't recall how much incubation time is actually needed per day, but I somehow think she is falling short. She's a feelgood sitter!

The fenced off area of the veggie garden has become a weed haven. They're everywhere! I have also seen several slugs around so called in the new pest controllers...

It's hard to believe that they were yellow and fluffy just a few weeks ago!

The raspberry canes have grown so much with the recent rain, I hope we get more than garden pickings this year...

I know I've rambled on and on about them, but those calendulas just refuse to give up! This is the first season I've tried growing them and will definitely be making room for them in the garden again....

Apple blossom
Strawberries in hanging baskets are springing into action. I'll be keeping an eye out for pesky birds as the berries ripen....

There is the beginnings of a new berry grove out the front with some gifted currant cuttings from generous veggie group friends.

A mixture currants to live alongside the blueberries and raspberries
And also from a veggie group friend, we have purple orach. It can be eaten as a salad green, either raw or cooked. It looks great in the garden too!

Purple orach
Finally, it only took me three years to figure out that no one was sitting on the bench near the front door, so I got off my backside and heaved it around the side/back of the house into a much better position. You'll find me sitting here most days at some time, either for my lunch or for a cup of tea after school pick up.

Sometimes it's the little things that please us most!
May your tissue box be full and your sneezy fits less and less frequent :)


  1. I always think that somewhere to sit, look, ponder, plot, plan and enjoy is the most important asset in a garden. And you have a top spot there!

  2. What beautiful pictures of your garden!!

    Beautiful white ducks!

  3. This is inspiring me to try again with berries--the last batch my chickens killed (I kinda let them/gave up, after a fashion). I sure would love to have piles of gorgeous raspberries! AWEsome move re: bench. Looks SUPER inviting. =)

  4. We've just bought a blueberry, raspberry, black currant, boysenberry and um... something else.
    Just got to plant them now!

    (Is one of each enough? I have 4 teenage boys...)

  5. I so envy your ducks and your calendulas...

  6. I totally agree about the little things that please us most. Just ate some of my favourite marmalade. I had been 'saving' it as I didn't want to use it too quickly, but then thought, ah hell, I love it and it starts the day well.

    Your garden looks amazing. Love your pest controllers, happily patrolling the perimeters.

  7. What gorgeous photos! I love your peaceful spot by the lake. Ok, I know it's called a dam, but lake is so much more romantic.. :)

    Re the sneezes - my recco is Beconase (the orange one) - puff every night, and the sneezies soon come under control! :)

  8. Thanks, Hazel. You are absolutely right! It's ridiculous that it's taken me this long to realise that this place needs a seat! :)

    Thanks, Sophie. They are pretty, but quite timid creatures..

    Wouldn't it just be the greatest touch to summer to have raspberries by the Bowlful, Bio!! That thought is what keeps me trying... ;)

    Sounds delicious, Frogdancer! Somehow, I think with four teenage boys you may be needing more than you have right now. Don't they consume vast quantities? :)

    Thanks, Sonya. The ducks are lovely to have around, although they like to leave their 'calling cards' on the verandah. It's a small price to pay for having them in the garden though..and the calendulas have really surprised me! I never would've thought they'd be this hardy. Would they grow in your climate? They'd be perfect in your soaps :)

    Yup, Brydie, life is for the living, so let's get on with it. Eat up your special marmalade and enjoy every moment! The pest controllers are nice to have around, they haven't developed their 'quack' yet...just a soft 'pre-quack/post cheep' kind of sound..Nice. :)

    Thanks, faeryfay! I'll tell them you said so. :)

  9. Thanks, Celia! I actually slipped and called it a lake the other day, just because it is sooo full of water after all of the rain! Such a nice sight. Also, 'sitting by the lake' does have a more civilised ring to it than 'sitting by the dam'! :)

    Many thanks for your recc. Must look out for that one. Hubby says different brands work differently and the one we have now ain't doing much at all! (For me at least, apparently it works great for him!!).

  10. Isn't spring wonderful?Sorry about the sneezes!

  11. Christine,

    I saw your comment on the Down to Earth forum about the lavender Araucana rooster I want to give away.

    I thought I'd post here as well, just on the off-chance that you don't pop back.

    Please see if your friends will want him. I have a 17 year old who needs to get his hours up for his licence, so a couple of hours drive would come in handy.

  12. Thanks, Wendy!

    Frogdancer, I checked but they have just got some new chicks!


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