In the garden... Oct '10

There is a big basket full of calendulas ready for drying. They are coming thick and fast at the moment and add much cheer to the garden with their bright yellow and orange heads....

In the garden our potatoes are very happy. I just noticed the first flower today.....

In the garden, we have been collecting 6-7 eggs a day. A day! I don't check them anyore (ok, maybe I might take a leeetle peek), instead leaving the task to the 7 year old, who races in after school to grab the 'egg basket' and off she gallops to the nesting boxes to collect her treasures. Time to share some with friends I think.....

Silverbeet is finally getting to a harvestable size. Just. Continental parsley fills in any bare spots, which I find myself using daily in anything and everything....

In the garden, the oregano (marjoram? I can never tell the two apart..) grown from a cutting from a generous friend is the most active thing around at the moment! It has gone berserk with the recent rain.....

Cherry blossom (Stella) graces us with her presence......

...and Mr Green enjoys a prance....

In the garden, our duck has made a nest and started to lay eggs. Oh, yes, and an escaped chook also found the nest and kindly made her donation to the pile. This would be exciting, if our duck wasn't such a lousy sitter.

And finnnalllly in the garden, the peas are arriving!!


Is anything interesting happening in your garden at the moment?


  1. It all looks so wonderful. How lucky you are to just be starting your garden season. Mine has ended for the year-now we wait for snow.
    I just love your colorful rooster!

  2. Looks lovely - lush gardens, healthy and happy chook, duck-chicken's all happening at your place! :)

  3. It's all go on the other side of the world, here there are still red apples in hedgerows on dual carriageways where you can't stop to pick them. There is rainbow chard in the garden (similar to silver beet) and some mustard gone to seed. Time to plant our garlic soon. We have some new varieties to try this winter.

    I would love to have ducks and chickens, particularly ducks... another home it will have to be. I 'm part envious of your summer of fruitfulness to come and part happy that the autumn is here and we can have a little rest in the garden, I like tidying up and cutting back and all those tasks outdoors. And I will plant some spring bulbs too.

  4. Your garden happenings look lovely! So many lovely things...could/would a chook sit on the duck eggs if you had a broody one? That's such a lot of eggs.
    In my very little pots, the ferns are going crazy, the geranium looks happy, the rosemary is having a party and shooting off everywhere and the blueberry is holding in there.

  5. Lovely, lovely, lovely! Our peas are covered in powdery mildew, and I'm optimistically spraying them with milk - any tips please Chris?

    Out potatoes are quite happy too - how do we know when to pick them? You know that you and Linda W are my gardening gurus, right? :)

  6. The most exciting thing in our garden sadly is the progression of the invading weeds ( Oh and a kangaroo yesterday! ) I feel quite well nourished after reading this post , in my soul at least. :)

  7. I love seeing others garden round ups! Yours looks so incredibly healthy and abundant.

    Our silverbeet is already going to seed (it was self set from last year) but I'm persisting with cutting off the little leaves and planning to plant some more; our strawberry patch is flowering like mad; the rhubarb has gone berserk with gigantic leaves (and stalks to match); our lime tree is laden with tiny limes and our mandarin has so many blossoms it looks like it's covered in snow - ooh and our nectarine has not one spot of curly leaf (firs time in 6 years).

  8. Thanks, Sue! And snow - how exciting!! :)

    The chooks and ducks are very entertaining, Spice :)

    It all sounds lovely, Jo. I can't believe the trees laden with apples on the frustrating you can't get to them!!

    I believe a broody chook could/would hatch duck eggs if she was so inclined, Brydie. Alas, we have no broody chook which is probably just as well because we would probably end up with even more drakes!! I'm so pleased to hear your blueberry is still hanging on! :)

    Thanks, dixiebelle :)

    Ahh, yes, Celia, I had that problem a year or two ago. From memory, I think I used a spray of milk/water in a 1:10 ratio, with a teaspoon of bicarb added as well.... it seemed to hold off the p/mildew for a little longer..

    Your potatoes can be mounded up with more straw or soil as they grow, to cover the stems from the light and produce more potatoes. They will flower, after which they will form the potatoes and then the green tops will wilt and die back. You can 'bandicoot' for small new potatoes after flowering has finished by burrowing your hand into the earth to retrieve what you need while the plant continues growing, or you can leave them be and allow the potatoes to grow and reach their full size at which point they can be harvested and stored. And thankyou for that lovely comment, one I definitely do not feel worthy of! :)

    Thanks, Tammy. The weeds are springing up madly here too...unfortunately there is little avoiding them..agh! Off to check out your kangaroo in the garden! :)

    Oooh, how exciting, Sarah! I love hearing gardening goss. Arent' those silverbeet volunteers just great! Fingers crossed you receive a bountiful strawberry harvest and I can't wait to see pics of all your fruit!! :) Hooray also for the nectarine! We lost our small tree last year to leaf curl (and lack of water over summer too..I suspect...).

  9. I've got to stop reading your blog, I have serious garden envy happening here. What's happening in my garden? Well, the zucchini's still 10cm tall, though I think a few died, but the weeds are doing rather well...

  10. Your garden is thriving, dear Christine!! What beautiful pictures,...aaaah,...ooooh!

  11. Nadiah, your zuccinis are 10cm taller than mine - I just sowed their seeds today! And weeds, ugh, why do they always do so well?? :)

    Thanks, Sophie! Although isn't it the nature of the blogger to only show the good things? There are plenty of areas needing 'work', I assure you! ;)

  12. Your garden is flourishing. You have reminded me that I really must get back into gardening with the cold rainy weather I haven't been very motivated. Beautiful pictures.:)


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