Happy Halloween!

It's a fun day when your kids have an Oma who likes to celebrate Halloween as much as they do! One that arrives armed with big boxes full of fun activities and games for them to play. I wish I didn't get so caught up in the moment though so I could share more pics. Happy Halloween! (And thankyou to Oma!).

Homemade pinata, by the 10 year old. Four layers of paper equals a very sturdy pinata!


Last minute bumblebee

'Dead Head', made by the 10 year old (paper mache). Hideous!

Alice in Wonderland
(Thrify costume - a blue sheet and one of my skirts, re-purposed).

Happy Halloween. Do you celebrate? How?


  1. Great costumes and love the paper mache heads:0).

  2. I'll bet they loved it Christine. The costumes are awesome...and even better if there is an Oma to help enjoy the fun.

  3. So cute! We all have to resolve to turn into grandparents who craft with our kids' kids.. :)

  4. PS. All the costumes are very cute, but Alice in particular! Love the little row of white buttons around the neckline...

  5. Thanks, Debbie. The eldest one has really embraced paper mache with a passion. It has taken us all by surprise. The 'dead head' was actually the first attempt at the pinata and the balloon burst prematurely, resulting in a deformed shape perfect for her new morbid idea! :)

    Thanks, Brydie. Always nice to have Oma help move the fun along!! :)

    Kid's kids? Yikes, I can't even bare to think about that yet, Celia! I will most certainly resolve to do so when the time comes though!! And thanks, the white around the neckline was some daisy trim I had from years ago, leftover from making baby dresses - nice memories there. :)

  6. Oh Christine I love that you guys got into halloween. I heard it was getting more popular in Oz this year. I have vowed to celebrate it even after we move back. Love your costumes! How funny that my "Alice" was a bumble bee last year.

  7. Thanks, Dan! I'm not sure about the rest of the country but I'm pretty sure it grows each year in our area (I wish, wish, wish it tied in seasonally though!). I feel for the poor residents too, being bombarded by hungry trick-or-treating kids with no warning. That is quite a coincedence that your Alice was a bee last year!! How funny! :)


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