Girls Crochet Bag

My daugher needed a little bag to carry her purse in when we go out so I had a go at making up one for her. It doesn't have a pattern as it's basically just a rectangle folded in half and crocheted down the edges to secure it, a long handle attached and some fringing added along the sides. She loves it and has been carting it everwhere with her and filling it with all manner of fun kid belongings!

Using a 4mm hook and 8ply I cast on 30 chain and worked in dc (sc/US) until the work measured twice the length of how long I wanted the bag to be. It was then folded in half, wrong sides together and crocheted in slip stitch down the edges to form the bag. A long handle was made seperately by making a chain I thought was long enough, then working again in sc (dc/US) until I thought it was wide enough. The handle was then simply sewn to the inside of the bag at the sides.

Some contrast fringing around the sides and a layered flower completed the bag. Easy!

8 Petal Flower (Australian terms)
Using first colour (white), make 6ch and join into a ring with a ss into the first ch.
1st round: 5ch (stands as 1tr and 2ch), (1tr into ring, 2ch) 7 times, ss to 3rd of 5ch.

2nd round: (1dc, 1ch, 2tr, 1ch, 1dc) into each 2ch loop all round, ending ss into first dc. Fasten off.

3rd round: with WS facing join second yarn ( pink) into stem of tr of 1st round, 6ch (stands as 1 tr and 3ch), (1tr around stem of next tr, 3 ch) 7 times, ss into 3rd of 6ch, turn.

4th round: (1dc, 1ch, 3tr, 1ch, 1dc) into each 3ch loop, working all round and ending with a ss into first dc. Fasten off.

5th round: with WS facing join 3rd colour (purple) into the stem of the tr of the 3rd round, 7 ch (stands as 1tr and 4 ch), (1tr around stem of next tr, 4ch) 7 times, ss into 3rd of 7ch, turn.

6th round: (1dc, 1ch, 4tr, 1ch, 1dc) into each 4ch loop all round, ending ss into first dc. Fasten off. This completes the 8-petal flower.


  1. What a gorgeous little bag. Thanks for the flower pattern. I wondered how to make those. Now I can have a go.

  2. You could have written that pattern in french and I would have understood it no less...but I will! There is a new crochet hook in town! Have completed my first lumpy bundles, no idea what I'm doing but it seems to be staying intact, (at this stage.)
    Did your daughter like her bag? It looks gorgeous.

  3. That is one cute bag and my nieces would love one each, maybe Christmas

  4. I love this, Chris! Although the last time I had a bag like this, I think I had a matching crochet 1975.. :) Very cute and so nice to see the pretty crochet flower adornment!

  5. The flower is quite simple, Hazel, and repetitive too once you're in the swing of it :)

    Haha, Brydie, I know it sounds like gibberish but it make sense to you in no time at all! This is very exciting to hear of the new crochet hook in town! :)

    Easy Christmas pressies, Debbie. They can be whipped up in a flash!

    Oh, Celia, not the crochet bikini! I can just imagine it...cotton, and maybe some striping? Don't despair, I'm sure I had one too...I think it was green- bright bright green! What a funny fashion item they were..

  6. Oh the colours on that are just gorgeous!

  7. Thanks, Nadiah :) It was just an inexpensive multicoloured acrylic yarn and it did the job!


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