Bear's Paw cushion

Earlier in the week I sat down and made a new cushion cover. I had borrowed a couple of great books from the library, and our friendly librarian had a new book that had just come in that she almost put on my card to notify me to collect. Isn't that nice! I caught her before she got around to it though. The first one is The Quilter's Recipe Book,  a collecion of soooo many different blocks it will blow you away, plus basic instructions to get a new quilter started. The one the librarian was eyeing off for me is the The Ultimate Quilting Bible, which covers pretty much every technique an eager patchworker may want to try, plus instructions on piecing all sorts of different shapes using a range of different methods. Really great books!

I wanted to try something small to get me started and a cushion seemed like a good idea. I had some unused fabric in my drawer that was begging to be cut up and turned into something useful. My brain had to sit for a time over a hot, hot cup of tea figuring out the complexities of making a half-square triangle the right size so that it would fit it's square friend when butted up against it! (It's ok! I figured it out...add 7/8" to the measurement of the square....I think!!).

This block is called "Bears Paw". I chose it because I like the design as well as the name. The block is constructed of four identical corner segments...

....then joined together in rows with strips of fabric called 'sashing' in between. The seams are all stitched with a quarter inch seam allowance, so there is no trimming the seams afterwards, hooray! Theoretically, the units should all match up, although some gentle persuasion was needed in parts on my little cushion cover here.

A fantastic resource online is The Quilter's Cache. And here you can see the page on the Bear's Paw block. with full instructions. I should've checked out this page first, it has all the measurements!!  Ah well, I'll know now for next time....


  1. Fine, meticulous work there, Chris! You quilters have my utmost respect, I'm so spatially challenged that I'd never get all the pieces in the right orientation!

  2. I hear you with the orientation, Celia - it's like my brain is suddenly cranking itself into gear trying to figure out this way or that, reverse that one or's all good in a brain hurty way! :)

  3. Brain hurty way. That's a good description of what I do when I am looking at quilts at the moment. A little frown (it helps me concentrate), a little squint (helps me focus) and then a tumble of thoughts, oh hell... how am I going to do that?
    Your bear paw looks wonderful :-)

  4. Absolutely hearing you, Brydie. I noticed (to my horror) a crease line the other day in the middle of my forehead! Not one of the side effects of the craft I had hoped for!! It's all so puzzling and intriguing at the same time :)


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