Primary School Show Day

It's the last day of school before two weeks of holidays today for my daughters. Their school celebrates this time each year by holding a 'show day', which is much like a real show/fair but on a much smaller scale. The day starts with an animal parade on the oval where families are encouraged to bring along their pet to take part. This year, in addition to the usual K-9 convention that seems to take place, we also saw two ponies, cats, several chooks & ducks and a handful of birds. Other years have also seen the attendance of goats, snakes, lizards and worms. This year we took along Mr Green, or 'Feather Feet' as the girls have taken to calling him. How could we not take him?

What really caught my eye this year were all of the outstanding entries in the craft/baking section. It is very laid back and up to the students if they want to bake/create and is more about showcasing the kids' work rather than awarding prizes. After trawling through this section, I'm excited to share some pics......

Vegetable creatures, made by preps (5-6ys)

"Poodle", by a prep student (5-6yrs), note realistic broccoli head!

The decorated cake and baking table was nicely filled and stretched out invitingly.....
Real baking by real kids

Floral displays
I couldn't resist taking a pic of my friend's mama chook with 2 chicks, (10 days old). So cute!
Coming out from underneath the feathery warmth to say hello.....
I love these alien cupcakes! They are actually the creation of my friend Kate's daughter.  Very clever!

Alien cupcakes, made by grade 2 student (7-8yrs)

Australian gumnut cupcakes by grade 5 student (10-11yrs)

Chook inspired artwork

Hen with newly laid egg?


  1. Wow that is fantastic! Well done to all the children. They should be very proud.

  2. Wonderful! Kids are capable of so much - terrific to see the displays.

  3. I'm so impressed with those cakes!

  4. Great fun! How creative are those kids! I looove the broccoli poodle!!! :)

  5. This is such a great idea, the children would love it!

  6. Thanks, Anon. I think they were most definitely very proud! Heck, I would be proud turning out the stuff they have! ;)

    I though you might get a kick out of it, Mum. It was a really good practice run for the 'proper' show in a few weeks time...

    Aren't they amazing, Brydie! The tummy was really starting to growl by the end of my browsings. Some kids are really very talented.

    Yes! The broccoli poodle stole my heart too, Celia! So creative!

    They all seemed to enjoy themselves immensely, Tania. Some very tired children that night, I would imagine :)

  7. Sweet! The broccoli poodle is my favourite too!

  8. Teehee! My poodles eat brccoli most days for their tea, they are brocoli from the inside out I guess. What gorgeous photos and so much work involved :)

  9. It's cute, isn't it Spice :)

    How funny, Jo, I've never heard of dogs liking greens before! Smart poodles you have there. :)


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