Our Clever Violet!

Violet, our lavender Araucana pullet, surprised us all earlier this week when she laid her very first egg - and not just any egg! Being an Araucana and of lavender colouring, her egg was blue!! After opening the nesting box and finding her gift inside, I had to race back to the house for the camera, because I was just SO excited!

This is exactly how I found it, no tampering with the goods:

Violet's first egg - it's blue!
How wonderful! It was a lot smaller than our other hens' eggs, weighing in at 42g, compared to the 68g average of our other eggs. I can't bring myself to crack it open yet, although the 6 year old did take it wrapped up in a neat little parcel for 'show and tell' the next day.

Trying to capture a picture of Violet is kind of tricky, she is flighty and fast, always with her head down and her eyes shielded by her 'pom-pom'. But still, I persisted....

Our clever Violet
See what I mean about the pom-pom? And when she runs, she doesn't just run like any other chook; she sticks her head down, bottom up, flaps her wings and makes a dash for it, doing so for a few metres each time, which ends up in her travelling in a zig-zag fashion! She's like a little bomber fighter aircraft, honing in on a target! She really makes me laugh.

And since laying her first egg, we now have two more blue ones in the fridge exactly like the first! What to cook to do them justice??


  1. Doesn't it look gorgeous! I hope you are going to put a few in the Sunbury Show - you might get a ribbon for them, being such a beautiful colour.

  2. She is simply beautiful! Will she always lay blue eggs? Oooh, what to cook - eggs benedict? :)

  3. Ahh,

    The second of my two lavender girls laid her first egg on Monday. It was such a treat to have my DH call me over all excited as he put 2 blue eggs, one tan and one white (duck) out on the table.

    Kind Regards

  4. The blue eggs are so different to the white or brown and when together look amazing.

  5. We've got a chick almost one week old. (Unsexed.) We're really hoping that it turns out to be a girl... we want the blue eggs too!

  6. Gorgeous blue eggs! What to cook that would be worthy....hmm...
    I think it would have to be boiled eggs so you can keep the shell and admire it all over again (assuming that they retain some of the colour after cooking)? Boiled and placed like royalty in a beautiful egg cup...?

  7. My friend has chooks and more than one of them lays blue eggs like these and the first season they did this she entered a dozen (artistically arranged) into the Adelaide Feast Festival show day (gay and lesbian festival) and won first prize and a frilly blue ribbon to prove it :) Maybe you can enter yours in a show day near you?

  8. I hadn't thought of entering them in the show, Mum, but now that you mention it, I might!

    Yes, her eggs will always be blue, Celia. Apparently, different coloured Araucana's lay different shades of blue eggs - ranging from sky blue (like ours), to a darker green in the darker coloured birds. :)

    What a beautiful colour combination that must've made, Belinda! I can just imagine it. :)

    They are lovely, Debbie, and the contrast is beautiful. :)

    Fingers crossed for you, Frogdancer! The blue eggs will be great at Easter time too - just decorate the eggs, no colouring required!

    Boiled eggs sound good, Spice. My friend also suggested we 'blow' the first egg, and keep the shell as a moment - I'm liking this idea too! *Off to hunt for a pretty egg cup*. :)

  9. That would be 'momento' in that last reply, oops!

  10. How wonderful for your friend, Sarah! There's nothing like a frilly ribbon to make a chook owner feel proud! We do have a show coming up soon, so maybe....maybe ! (not terribly great when it comes to artistic arrangements though..) :)

  11. My sweet little Americana watch cayote snatched this week.sad sad sad. I love the green eggs and yours is a beauty.



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