Happy Weekend

Some weekends you just don't want to end. This one was one of them....

There was a little bike riding in the beautiful, warm sunshine....

...a cleaned and tidied sewing room (hurray - long overdue!)
...with actual sewing being done! The family will be very pleased to have the kitchen table back now.

A pow-wow to attend...
...with traditional costume required. (Simplicity 5448).

The longest ever chitted potatoes in history emerging from the ground!
This is good to know for next year! I need to pull out the frost cover (an old sheet), and start keeping a check on the weather forecast for frosty nights.....

A new top from an old pattern....

Much fun to make. New fabric picked up at the op shop.

Bulbs planted by the 8yo filling the air with their scent......

Happy Weekend!


  1. Sounds blissful! :)

    We managed three batches of fresh pasta, turned 20kg of tomatoes into passata, started to plant out bed #3 and attended a gala magic show on Friday night. But oh, how I wish I had the energy to attack my sewing/junk room - it desperately needs a clean up!

  2. Christine, what a lovely sounding weekend. I feel relaxed just reading about it. Your girl looks beautiful in her costume too.

  3. and funky top for you Mama!

  4. I meant to compliment you on the Pow Wow costume - great work! What did you use? Ultrasuede?

  5. Thanks, ladies. Wow, 20kg of tomatoes, Celia! How on earth did you have enough energy to put towards anything else after this?! Yikes! Costume was made out of thin jersey, nice'n'simple ;)

    Thanks, Brydie, she had a great time :)


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