The Garden of St Erth

With only a few days left of the holidays we took a little drive today with Oma to go and visit The Garden of St Erth. The garden is situated in the Wombat State Forest, a 70 minute drive north-west of Melbourne.

The sandstone homestead was built in the 1860's by a Cornish stonemason and was named 'St Erth' after his birthplace in Cornwall. Originally serving as a post office in a once bustling gold mining town, it is now home to some glorious plantings of ornamentals, bush, and food gardens. The old homestead now stocks a large range of Diggers seeds, plants and gardening paraphernalia. What I love to go and see most though are the food plantings, which include many ingenius ideas to take away and use at home from the espaliered fruit trees, extensive vegetable gardens and permaculture style food forest. I think the only thing missing from this restful place are some chooks!

St Erth homestead, built 1860's

Helebores - I can see them making an appearance in my garden sometime soon!


Russian garlic

Latua pubiflora- "Sorcerer's Tree"

Reo mesh arbour, can't you just picture it with a food vine growing over the top?

More helebores.....oh yes, must set aside a place for these at home

A trap - the seed store on the way many to chose from!

...and plants too!
I can never resist coming home empty handed from St Erth. Today my finds included several types of seeds and a pink rosemary. PINK! I can't wait to plant it..

Capsicum Jimmy Nardello, Carrot Purple Dragon, Sweet Corn Breakthrough F1, Tomato Tommy Toe Red,  Tomato Amish Paste, Golden Podded Pea, Corn Ornamental Indian.


  1. Hello Christine! Hanno and I have been to this delightful garden too. We visited it maybe 12 years ago when we were in Melbourne on business and we travelled back through inland Victoria on the way home. It's good to see it's still going strong. It's a wonderful thing those volunteers are doing there.

  2. What a lovely way to spend a day! I'm intrigued by the garlic under mesh - presumably to keep the birds off it? And that sorcerer's tree plant is astonishing - look at all those even bells! Thanks for the photos, Chris, great read! :)

  3. What a gorgeous garden. I would love to be wandering through there today- a little garden inspiration.
    I love the idea of the seat under a canopy of vine.

  4. Hi Rhonda! You will know then what a delightful garden it is to visit. I wonder how much it has changed in that time, as we have only been going for the last 3 years or so. Funnily we used to live near there and never went (around the time you went), we had to move away to actually get motivated to visit, lol! :)

    Hmm, yes, I was surprised that they netted the garlic too, Celia, although they are right in the middle of a state forest so probably have no end of trouble with roaming wildlife. Isn't the sorcerer's tree fascintating! The blooms were something else - would love to track one down for home :)

    The seat under the canopy really appealed to me too, Brydie. Such a perfect place to sit with a book on a hot day, the only problem would be just what type of edible vine to plant there! If it were us, I think kiwi fruit would be the way to go...... :)

  5. What a lovely place. Such a neat vegetable garden too - it's like a home makers magazine for gardens. I like that idea of using bendy poles for covering the veggies, we've built a solid wood structure over ours to spread the netting on but this idea is much more flexible (literally and in terms of being easy to dismantle).

  6. If I ever get down that way it is on my list of places to visit. All those seeds to choose from after looking at the gardens all day, I think I would have bought heaps:-)

  7. Hello Christine!

    This looks like a lovely garden , good for a visit!

    Thanks for sharing it all with us!

    Many kisses from rainy Brussels to you!

  8. Sarah, the bendy poly pipe hose is great for temporary netting - easy to put up and take down and yes, the garden is very well kepts. It's the kind that makes you want to rush home and start trimming edges and raking leaves! :)

    The seeds are a wonderful end to the day, Debbie and they're are just so many to choose from. This pic was only half of the shop! :)

    You are very welcome, Sophie. Thanks for stopping by! :)


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