Garden Harvest Fritatta

After surprising myself by filling (filling!) a bowl with garden produce, I got to work making a fritatta for dinner. I like to call this veggie slice a fritatta even though I don't cook it in a frying pan. Somehow, even though everyone in my family calls it a quiche, I can't bring myself too, because for me a quiche must have pastry..yum! This oven fritatta is a slightly healthier version of the quiche, with no pastry in sight. Only slightly, though. Great for an easy, low food miles dinner!

Garden harvest fritatta
I decided to make a double quantity in a large lasagne dish, and after chopping the freshly harvested vegetables and placing them in the dish.....

Fresh from the garden, fill a bowl with anything you can find!
....I reached for our home grown eggs. How many to use? However many that fill the dish! In this instance, I used......wait for it.....
.............   16 eggs!

Yes, you read right. 16 eggs, (it's a big lasagne dish, what can I say?), whisked with a little cream and ground black pepper. A good handful (or two!) of grated tasty cheese was placed over the prepared veggies and the beaten egg mixture gently poured on top. The whole lot was stirred with a chopstick to make sure that the egg mixture had reached into every nook and cranny. Some sliced tomatoes on top and then into the oven for around an hour on 170c, until puffing up and golden on top.

It's good! Really good!
Oops, I forgot to mention, I also put some gently sauteed bacon in as well (my mum had given us a beautiful solid piece of bacon that needed using up). Such a satisfying dinner with the majority of ingredients coming from our garden! And being so large, it does us for two nights, or for lunches the next day, warmed up with a little salad (homegrown of course!), on the side.....


  1. It looks delish Christine and I bet tastes all the better getting everything from your garden, definately a nice feeling of satisfaction.

  2. I can only wistfully sigh. 1/ because The Monkeys at the moment are off all of my cooking that includes vegetables and 2/ because of all that garden produce. That's sooo satisfying eating something delicious and knowing where it all came from.
    Have you read the book "Animal Vegetable Miracle"?

  3. How fabulous! 16 eggs! I think I have that many in the fridge at the moment, but nowhere near your amount of gorgeous produce!

    We did do something on a smaller scale tonight - our "survival" (pasta) soup, with our own spinach, parsley and celery tops. I kept harking on to the boys how fresh everything was! :)

    Please keep the egg recipes coming - we're almost up to six a day like you (Maggie looks almost ready to lay!). Consistently getting four to five daily at the moment...

  4. It is very satisfying harvesting from the garden Catherine. This bowl of produce took me quite by surprise because the garden is looking very bare at the moment! :)

    No, I haven't read that book, Brydie, although I have heard of it. I must try to track down a copy! Thanks for the reminder :)

    Love the name of your soup, Celia - Survival Soup! Isn't it such a glorious feeling using your own produce! Especially when you crack those eggs and see the beautiful sunshine yellow yolks....Bliss! :)


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